“Never Miss a Monday”



In the “Fitstagram” world, a popular mantra is “Never miss a Monday”. I wholeheartedly agree with the philosophy behind this sentiment. When you start your week off right on Monday in terms of organization, getting to the gym, eating right etc., you are more likely to continue in the same pattern throughout the week. From past experience, I do find this to be true. When I get it right on Monday, I am more likely to have a better week.

Now you may be sitting here thinking, “Why is she posting about Monday’s on a Thursday”. Well, I’ll tell you. We all hear “Never Miss a Monday” but nobody ever tells you what to do if you do. We are all human and sometimes, you WILL miss a Monday.

So what happens when you do? Here’s what I learned. Don’t wait until next Monday to try again.Make Tuesday your Monday. If you fail Tuesday, Make it Wednesday. Just do it! Don’t wait. Don’t put it off, don’t wait until after a birthday, holiday, special occasion, or Monday. Don’t take one missed opportunity and throw your goals away. Just make sure the next choice you make is a good one. Move on, don’t dwell, and keep going.

This week Thursday was my Monday. I set my alarm for 5 am every single morning this week and failed every single time. I am a morning person so for me when I miss my morning workout, it is detrimental to my day. First I feel like I failed, and get mad and disappointed at myself. Then my whole day is thrown off. You’d think with more time to sleep I’d have a good start, but in fact I have found the opposite. I get so much more done in the morning when  I workout and I don’t even understand fully why.

I’ve been in a bit of a workout slump lately. I am working out, but I feel like I am doing the bare minimum. I haven’t been pushing myself, just showing up.So this morning when I was finally able to get up and get a workout in, I was pumped.Even though it wasn’t long, I felt so much better today than I have all week. I wasn’t as sluggish, I had more energy and felt more positive.

So, what, you missed a Monday? We all do. We miss workouts, we miss meal prepping, we eat bad food sometimes, we lose motivation, we get negative, we lose our mojos. But what matters is that you don’t give up. You keep fighting and showing up and putting effort in to make the next choice a good one. Your motivation will come and go, It won’t always be easy, but giving up is never an option.

Did you miss Monday this week? Shake it off, tomorrow is a new day ! Get up and get after it.

-as always,Thanks for reading my rambles ❤ and if you don’t follow me @foreverlastingymclass on insta for my daily musings!


Food v. Fuel, what side are you on?

food is fuelffl_logo



As I sit here during this “blizzard”, binge watching Netflix, enjoying my second cup of joe, I’ve been pondering a lot about this controversial food topic. “Food is fuel”. I’ve heard this so many times, seen it on countless Instagram posts and have even used it as a mantra to myself to motivate me to stay on track while everyone around me is eating donuts and I am munchin’ on  almonds.

The concept is basically we are supposed to view food as fuel, not pleasure. “Eat to live, don’t live to eat”.To eat foods that fuel our bodies,  not foods that we want or enjoy necessarily (like pizza, or French fries, or nachos..or ok you get it). That food’s only purpose is to give us the right balance of carbs, fat and carbohydrates to sustain us, give us energy, get us through our work outs, and to keep our bodies healthy and alive.

I am just going to say it. I whole-heartedly disagree with this sentiment.This is just straight against the core of everything I believe in. Food is fuel, yes,(TECHNICALLY)  but food is way more than fuel, food is LIFE. I mean, if food was just fuel…would we even need taste buds? Would we have preferences (sweet v. savory, thin crust over thick, vanilla over chocolate)? Would we enjoy anything (Birthdays, celebrations, Friday night?) as much if we didn’t have the one thing that brings people together ?(GOOD FOOD!) Anyways, you get the idea.

Food is not the enemy. I believe the good Lord gave us food to enjoy, to savor, to delight in! Food is a huge part of life. And what is life if you can’t enjoy the foods you love to eat (even if they are “unhealthy”). The real enemy in all this is moderation. I truly believe you can “have your cake, and eat it too” if you just don’t eat the cake every single day. The 80/20 cliché is something I can stand behind, far more than “food is fuel”.  Am I saying I believe you should just eat what you want all the time, absolutely not. I truly believe in taking care of your body and feeding it healthy foods, majority of the time.  I am just saying you don’t have to eliminate the foods you love, just control how much and how often you have them.

Anyone who knows me knows I love food. But I also love feeling healthy. So, admittedly I envy those who stocked up on  snacks and goodies for this storm while I inwardly commend myself for stocking my fridge with veggies and boring old lean meat (and of course my artic zero ice cream, wasn’t going to completely forgo this snow day tradition). I chose to do so to stay on track with my goals. Also, I have an epic cheat meal planned in 10 days, and that’s enough for me to resist temptation!

I know if some trainer read this, or some health buff they would disagree, but for all my fellow food lovers out there, can I get an amen? If I had to correct this catch phrase It would totally say “Food is not JUST food”.

(Disclaimer: not all healthy food is bland and boring either, I make some pretty slammin’ healthy meals…not knocking the veggies or anything..my point is you should be able to enjoy food).

End rant.

Happy snow (rain/sleet) day! And always, if you made it this far, I love you!!





snow day & struggles



(Okay, this picture has nothing to do with this post, but it got you to look didn’t it? and the fates must have aligned because what pairs better with this snow day than pizza? Omg, what I would do for pizza…)

So its been a while since I wrote a blog post …but don’t worry I haven’t derailed my journey completely. Just had a few detours and bumps along the way (okay, all out of train puns).

So pretty much since my last blog post nothing too huge has happened.. let’s see.. I’ve gained some weight back, Christmas came and went, along with New Years and resolutions,  I got my own apartment,  I chopped off all my hair…e.t.c.,  but other than that same old girl, same old mission.

I found myself frustrated and unhappy because I gained some weight back and anyone who has been through this before knows how awful it feels to gain back something you worked so hard (and I mean truly hard) to lose. But with every gain is a lesson.

But before I learned this lesson, instead of doing what I knew would work, I looked for faster methods. I wanted a fresh slate, to get the weight off me as fast as possible so that I can continue to work on my goals. I just wanted to get back to where I was and go from there. I didn’t want to start over, I wanted a re-do. (It took me some time to realize that life doesn’t work like that).  I wanted to get it off again quickly so that I wouldn’t see people I hadn’t seen in a bit and them to think “Wow, she gained all that weight she lost back). It let me to a desperate road. Ill spare you the details, but I’ll give you an example. Like for instance, I tried this awful shake diet that I won’t mention  the name, but I was eating two 50 calorie shakes for breakfast and lunch and  about 3 ounces of shrimp for dinner. Yup . That’s it. (Let me tell you this resulted in me having a mental breakdown in the Edge parking lot, followed by ordering Chinese take out, and hitting the Mcdonald’s drive-thru on the way home after about 2 and half weeks in).

Then I tried to be just be healthier, but slowly  I fell back into old habits. I didn’t have any food plan then my workouts got fewer and before ya know it at the end of December I was a big hot mess.

Now I know how cliché this is, but come New Years, I was ready to undo the mistakes of 2016. Even if it meant I had to do it slower than I wanted, but the right way.  I hit 2017 with a vengeance  and I think I finally relit the fire inside me. I feel motivated and inspired again, and I am doing it for me. I am not doing any crash diets. I am also not killing or depriving myself. I am eating real (yummy) portion controlled foods and working out hard in the gym. Another thing that sucks about gaining weight and losing your way on this journey is the workouts. I felt discouraged in the gym because I couldn’t lift what I used to be able to, or my endurance was dramatically lowered. But just like losing weight, that all comes back over time as a benefit of consistently making good choices.

I feel happier, healthier, and overall better. I am far, far , away  from where I want to be, but I feel like I am back on the right track. I may have moments of weakness and may or not be fantasizing about my next cheat meal on a daily basis, but I am working hard every day to make good choices. I human, so it’s inevitable that I will continue to make mistakes and have set backs but it doesn’t matter how many times you mess up, just that you never give up.

And with that, my silence is broken. Hopefully it won’t be as long as a hiatus from my next post. As always, if you got this far, I love you!




Back to basics

After my  2 hour therapy session yesterday, I mean….meeting with a nutritionist, I realized I was eating all the wrong things.

I used to declare myself the master label reader. I can rattle calories, and nutrition facts off that I’ve memorized from about 10 years of calorie counting. But, after last night I was dethroned.

I used to count calories in general. Then I switched to macro-counting, which is just focusing on the macronutrients protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Both of these are useful, but not always the end all tell all of the nutritional value of food.

We dissecting the foods I was eating, and I realized a majority of the food I was eating was full of over processed and potentially harmful chemicals. I tried to find quick fixes, lower fat, low calories, that I was eating all artificial foods.

I was taught scientifically how our body can’t always handle these foreign entities we put in our bodies. The scariest thing that I learned was that we are quite literally made up of what we eat.

Basically, the lesson here. When you go grocery shopping look at the label. Hidden underneath calories, serving sizes, and nutrient content, is the ingredients list. This is a key factor that I personally always overlooked. If it has a long list of ingredients you cannot pronounce-chances are its not good for you!  Look for foods that have low list of ingredients, and ones you can decipher what is actually in it.

Choose natural foods. Foods, vegetables, grass fed proteins, choose organic, choose real. I guarantee you will start to feel the health benefits, feel satisfied, reduce inflammation, and lose and maintain your weight loss.

I am not going to give up counting calroies or macronutrients, but I sure am going to pay more attention to ingredients to make the best decisions for my weight loss and goals.


Wake me up when September ends..


OH crap. It’s already gone.


September came and went and it seemed to go by in a blink of the eye. As I sit and drink my pumpkin coffee (Yay fall!) and reflect on my September goals,  I am happy to say I have certainly hit most of them.

  • Drink more water (100 ounces a day)
  • Get to the gym ( at least 5 days per week)
  • Focus on form (building my strength back) ..still got to work on this one more.
  • Meal Prep (less  poor decisions)
  • Cooking/Learn new recipes (eating out less)
  • Less snacking (especially at work

and, I am also down 8 and half pounds from September 1st. It took  a lot of mental anguish to be pleased with this number because I am still up from where I was, but I am making peace with it. Life happens, and it doesn’t matter how many times you fall but how many times you get back up.

I feel like I am finding my way to achieve balance, which is something I struggle with. Typically, I am either 100% strict or completely off the rails. This month I tried to stay consistent with eating clean and working out 5 times a week, but to keep sane I had a weekly  cheat meal. Instead of  binge eating whatever I wanted and call it a cheat meal, I planned things out and made concise decisions, ( that McDonald’s run at 1 am counts as a concise decision right?). I wasn’t perfect, nor do  I ever hope to be but I am getting better.

For October, my goals are pretty much the same as September. Cooking most of my meals, drinking lots of water, meal preppin, working out. I mean September was a pretty good month, so why fix what’s not broken right?

Besides all the external things about “getting back on track” like the workouts, meal preps, and water, I also have a lot of internal bugs to work out. I struggle mentally every day with my weight and it is always on my mind. My goal is not to be a certain number on the scale (even though I can obsess over it and have been known to smash scales) but to be comfortable in my own skin and be free of the burden it literally weighs on me. I hope to one day be able to enjoy things without disecting every calorie in it, and to enjoy things like birthdays, showers,  lunches at work,or just a friday night out with friends without feeling guilty or constantly thinking about my least favorite F word.

I do better when I set mini goals (like 4 weeks) and try to crush it than when I look at the big goal and feel overwhelmed. Here’s to another four weeks of smashing goals ( and hopefully no scales),  smashing calories, smashing pumpkins, and enjoying the best time of the year.

Thanks for reading~ (if you made it this far) and follow me on instagram @foreverlastingymclass




September Goals

september goals

September is a great month to begin a new.

Summer is tough to stick to a plan with traveling, parties, and lots of celebrations. Although I am not an advocate for excuses, it is possible, but I am not going to deny it is difficult.

As this summer comes to a close, I am full of emotions. There has been a lot of happy moments, sad moments, and life changes, but overall I kind of put my health on the back burner. Life happens, and I am not going to sit around and think of what I could have done differently. My own fitness journey has never been a straight line, it has had plenty of ups and downs, twists and turns.

September and Fall always reminds me of getting back into a routine. Even though I am no longer in school, this month always feels like a fresh start  and new beginning, much more so than January in my opinion.

So this month, I am going to go back to basics and make monthly goals, that way I have something to hold myself accountable for at the end of the month.

S0 without further ado I will share with you my own September goals:

  • Drink more water (100 ounces a day)
  • Get to the gym ( at least 5 days per week)
  • Focus on form (building my strength back)
  • Meal Prep (less  poor decisions)
  • Cooking/Learn new recipes (eating out less)
  • Less snacking (especially at work)

I challenge anyone reading this to make their own goals for September. It doesn’t have to be fitness related, but sometimes it is good to remind ourselves we can set a goal, and achieve it. And nothing feels better than working toward something you wanted, and actually getting it. Before this journey I really lacked confidence of any sort, but once I started seeing results, I got hooked. Success can be addicting.

Figure out what you want in life, and go out and get it!




Consistency (or lack thereof)



Okay, so I have finally pinpointed my biggest problem. And, I’m about to get super real.

To get to this point, it took a lot of denial, fad diets,  and visits to the doctor to try and diagnose me with SOMETHING , anything other than myself I could blame, or attribute my weight loss stall to. Something I could scream to the world, ” AHA! something is wrong with me, I told you so! “But, other than a frustratingly slow metabolism and a referral for a nutritionist (AGAIN) I was granted a clean bill of health.

Now, of course this is a wonderful thing. I am healthy and that is something I am very grateful for. But it made me realize, I don’t have any excuses to use.  Forces outside of my control aren’t causing me to gain weight. This is in internal problem, and an internal solution must be made. Simply, something I am doing is wrong, and I just need to correct it.

I harp on and on about not knowing how to deal with moderation but consequently I overlooked my biggest problem, which is consistency (take this blog–two weeks ago I declared a new post every Monday, and here it is Friday (oops).  I tried to think back to my mind set when I first started this weight loss journey, my 230 pound self, and she was not only  a lot stronger than me, she was CONSISTENT. She did not falter. She did not use EVERY single holiday, birthday (which in my family is every weekend), office party, Friday night,etc, to derail and fly off the bandwagon. She stuck to her goals, and she (I know its crazy, )  survived. She lived while substituting lettuce for rolls and sipping seltzer at the bar. Because she was working toward a goal she was slowing obtaining. She was making small goals every month and crushing them.

Fast forward to present  day, where I find myself clinging to old habits. I find myself killing myself at the gym( 3 times a day sometimes), but then fueling my body with the wrong foods and wondering why the scale wouldn’t move or my pants were still tight. Or working my ass off for a whole week, then blowing it all away not only Friday night, but sometimes Saturday and Sunday too. I was back to “start again on Monday” mentality. I am giving into temptation at any moment, and not making concise decisions.

But, thanks to a little wake up call and my old pal motivation, I feel my fire coming back. To prove to myself that I can do it, I am going to stay consistent (no cheats) for the next 45 days. It won’t be easy, I will be tempted. But by taking it  one day at a time, and I will be thankful in the end. There is no tomorrow, or Monday’s waiting for me. There are no more “special occasions” or obstacles in my way. It  is only 12% of my year ( I swear I actually did math for that) And it will be well over before Thanksgiving (Thank God I got my hot dog fix over with at the 4th of July).

Time to set goals, and crush them again. Since I technically did start Monday. 5 days down, 40 to go.













Rollercoaster Ride




This week was a rollercoaster ride.

Monday after I posted my blog, I was feeling re-invented, or re-inspired. Instead of telling you what I did with that motivation, I’m going to give a little play by play to show  just exactly what I mean by a roller coaster ride.

Monday,  Monday, I was feeling good. I got my AM workout in, I ate clean all day, with no cheats. I went to bed feeling accomplished, and ready for the rest of the week.

Until Tuesday  morning came, and I slept through my alarm..well if I’m being honest alarm(s),(there’s about 6) and missed the gym in the morning. I forgave myself after a few moments of mental anguish. I gave myself a verbal promise to appear (at the gym that evening ) . After that was resolved, I quickly fell back asleep and on with my day. My food  was on point, again, but as worked dragged on I slowly conceded with myself that  no working out that would be done that day. And that my friends, is called a rest day.

Wednesday, the tiger came back out of the cage. I got two hours in the morning, ate clean all day, and then I even did some cardio after work. Felt great and on a mission.

Thursday– wasn’t as aggressive as Wednesday, but still on track. Nothing special about Thursday.

Friday-Overslept again. Was about to have another “rest day” but decided to go for a run instead before work. It felt good to run outside, also felt a bit like the tin man without oil. Will work on that.

Okay, so Friday night is like the part of the rollercoaster ride when you are on that slow incline,  there may have been a few dinky drops, or twists or turns, but the week has been leading up to that tallest peak, ready to go downhill.

Friday night, I committed a felony. Okay, so I just ate pasta. It felt so wrong, but so right. For anyone whos been on a no carb diet for an extended period of time, please tell me you know how this feels. I felt like I was going to be put in handcuffs at any moment.

You also know the feeling when you do something wrong but, there’s no repercussions so you do it again. That we can call Saturday Night. My acts of indiscretion continued. Before you know it, I was eating the rolls on the table that restaurants like to taunt you with (a boobie trap I had successfully avoided for months.) I was eating my hot dogs and cheeseburgers with buns (taboo *shudder*). I even indulged in a few summertime cocktails, and had a dessert that wasn’t a slice of watermelon.

And guess what. I don’t even feel that bad about it.  (Side note: I don’t know if this is good or bad yet). I reminded myself that I worked hard this week, I didn’t stop working out, and it was Fourth of July weekend. I am human, and even though it may feel like it, indulging a tad isn’t criminal. (Tad is subject to your own discresion, right?)

Now I sit here on Monday night during this reflection, and I am ready to get back on track for the rest of the week. I am okay with a rollercoaster ride once in a while, but I don’t want to make it a habit. So my alarm is set for tomorrow, and I am going to get back after it the best I can. (This weeks focus, don’t blow it all the weekend. Got it).

And I may or may not have a scoop of ice cream before I set that alarm. I may not have grasped this whole balance thing, but I swear I am getting closer.

–until next week.







On making comebacks, lessons learned, and fresh starts

It’s been almost 6 months since my last post. 6 months way over due.

I made this blog almost two years ago to hold myself accountable on my weight loss journey.And what a journey its been. I’ve had my ups and downs, highs and lows. But that’s what makes it a journey. My highs were easy to talk about. My struggles and obstacles were always present, but I always found a positive spin. God, I was annoyingly positive sometimes.

But this time, this blog is hard to write—I’m not sharing my tips, my triumph through a hard time , monthly goals, or boasting about progress. This is about being real.

I’ve gained nearly 20 pounds back that I have worked so hard to lose. Pounds I swore I’d never see again.


Slowly my work pants that were too loose months ago, slowly began to feel tight again. Summer clothes I was proud to wear and fit into last year are no longer flattering. Bathing suit shopping, dress shopping, and shopping in general have become full of headaches and heartache again.

I lost (well misplaced) my passion for working out. My endurance lowered, my strength weakened, and my drive diminished. I feel like the 230 pound me with no confidence, and sad on inside. And once again, I was always last in gym class.

For the past few weeks I’ve given little fight to battle these inner demons. I’ve felt regretful, defeated, unmotivated, and foolish. I am my own worst critic and have been hard on myself for this gain. I couldn’t get passed the lost time and kept thinking about what I “could’ve done” or where I “could’ve been”. Compliments from people who hadn’t seen me in a while would make me shudder. “Look good?” I’d internally panic and think,”If only they knew how much I weighed this morning, or how tight my pants are right now.”

I spent one two many nights crying  and whining (mostly to my mother, because Mom’s have to listen to that stuff) about how its not fair that I have to work so hard to keep weight off and others are naturally thin. How “others” seem to enjoy life without micro-analyzing every carb, serving size, and calorie like I do. How people can indulge without guilt. I spent way too much time and energy feeling sorry for myself.

But then I realized. Life happens. I enjoyed most of the time I spent gaining those pounds and worse things happen in life than gaining weight. My health is still in tact. There is no damage that can’t be undone. I realized that I took control when I wanted to lose weight two years ago, and was successful. All’s I have to do is take back control again.

I also realized I could take back control and still enjoy life. Moderation is something I have always struggled with and something I probably always will. Just like I will always have to be conscientious about eating right and exercising. I used to think if I got down to my “goal weight” I’d be happy and then could go back to eating how I used to or having pizza every day. But the reality is this is a lifelong  fight, and coming to that realization is half the battle. I have realized also that I feel my best when I’m in shape and eating healthy (funny how that is).

I won’t always be motivated. I won’t always pass up a slice of pizza for a salad. But when I am motivated I will grab the bull by the horns and run with it. Life is about balance. And what’s life without pizza once in a while anyway?

SO. I’m back to basics. Back to holding myself accountable. Back on track. Back to making goals. And back to writing.

Stayed tuned for my Monday weekly blogs =). And if you made it this far I sincerely thank you. Also–check me out on Instagram–Foreverlastingymclass


This is everything.


Challenge yourself



It’s me…

Just kidding.. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. And the reason is probably due to the fact I’ve lost motivation lately. I could blame it on the holidays, but it’s almost half way through January and that excuse is just about expired.

So I’ve been trying to re-inspire myself. Put a little oil in the engine, and get fired up again.

I’m determined to lose these last 30 pounds.( only 30, right? Ugh) But how? The lightbulb went off when I remembered, “Hey, you can do it, you’ve done this before!” So I just asked myself instead of “what are you going to do?” I asked “what did you do before.” And yeah, I talk to myself a lot.

So I started to re-read my old blog posts, because hey, I did make this blog for my own accountability, and man, 230 pound me was awfully motivating if I do say so myself. She was positive, had drive, willpower, and a pretty darn good sense of humor. And nothing got in her way.

When I first started my weight loss journey, I jumped right into Crossfit (my saving grace) shortly thereafter the Whole Life Challenge. It’s pretty much 8 weeks of eating Paleo(ish) combined with focus on creating life habits as well ie: sleep, drinking water, stretching, meditation, ect. (If you wanna know more go here  —->Here)

Let me tell you, those changes were hard to make at first and were a complete 180 of how I’d been living for the previous, well, 22 years. But even after I finished and rejoiced with some cheese and bread (both WLC no-no’s) I found that a lot of the habits I developed stuck with me.

So, if you haven’t guessed already by now, I decided to do another WLC with some of my fellow Crossfitters. Honestly, just signing up made me feel better. I know I will face challenges this time around  but I am more determined than ever to succeed.

I’ve learned especially in my own case, If you don’t challenge yourself, you can’t change yourself. I always have to stay on my toes and make sure I devote time to doing things outside of my comfort zone because its so easy to slip into bad habits and remain stagnant. Sometimes I just need an extra push. That’s why these challenges are a good way for me to stay outside my comfort zone, and also have accountability,

In 8 weeks, you’ll probably find me rejoicing again (again with lots of cheese and bread) but until then I am ready to bust my ass.

The most important lesson I’ve learned thus far is that mindset is everything. When you put negative thoughts away and start to believe in yourself, it’s amazing what you can accomplish.