Finding balance

Well, since we are in Quarantine in some of the strangest days of our lives, I decided to dust the cobwebs off the old blog, and breathe some life back into it. A lot of this extra free time has brought some positives. For one it has reminded me that I have been neglecting someContinue reading “Finding balance”

Master’s Degree Here I come

I have been sitting on some very big personal news since May. As of yesterday, I have begun my journey for a Master’s of Science  in Human Nutrition degree at the University of Bridgeport’s online program. Ever since I started my weight loss journey almost six years ago,  I knew I had found something IContinue reading “Master’s Degree Here I come”

So long Forever Last In Gym Class

  Today’s post is all about endings–and beginnings. Today I am ending an era for me –an area that helped save my life. This blog, Forever Last in Gym Class, combined with my Instagram page, helped me throughout my weight loss journey.  It helped me to stay accountable, inspired, and allowed me to go through theContinue reading “So long Forever Last In Gym Class”

Rock Bottom

    So if you can’t tell I seem to only be able to update this thing when I am feeling good/motivated. And If I am being honest, well it has been a while since I have felt either of those things.   The truth is it is easy to keep your fitness blog/social mediaContinue reading “Rock Bottom”