Welcome to my blog! My name is Amanda and I am on a lifelong mission to get fit. Feel free to join me for the ride. I graduated college in 2013 and was at my heaviest weight. at 5’2 I weighed over 230 pounds. With some nudges from my sister, I joined Crossfit and lost 70 pounds. Since then I have re-gained, re-lost,  re-gained and now lie somewhere in the middle. I’ve struggled with many mental battles when it comes to weight loss. I’ve had periods where I tried to lose as much weight as possible by being as strict as possible- like the time I restricted myself so much that when I binge ate food I had restricted for 8 weeks I ended up in the hospital and lost my gallbladder. I could never seem to get it right. I would either be completely on, or completely off without a sense of how to navigating the in-between.  I didn’t realize that the constant obsession with food  and obsessive thinking about calories and weighing myself (good food, bad food, I can’t eat that I can’t eat this) were unhealthy and hindering my long term success. I have learned that you can workout as hard as you can, eat as healthy as you can, but if you don’t address the underlying issues, the cycle will just continue.  I am now continuing my journey working on my mindset, and slowly trying to get back to weight loss and back to reaching my goals. One thing I do know for sure, I feel my best when I am working out and eating healthy. I love fitness, and I love the way it feels when I achieve something I do not originally think I can do. I love cooking, and putting healthy twists on my favorite comfort foods. I am currently getting my Master’s Degree in Science for Human Nutrition. So feel free to check out my instagram, foreverlastingymclass and follow my blog! Thank you


Let’s get fit together!

Let’s get fit together!

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