2020 was a hard year for all of us mentally. I was so excited when 2021 hit, but honestly it has just been 2020 2.0. Between everything going on in the world, working full-time, going to grad school full time, and my own mental battles I really let my own health journey slide, both mentally and physically.

I didn’t keep up with things I enjoy doing like cooking healthy meals, and writing-like this blog! I figured it was time to do some writing and share my latest struggle. It feels more vulnerable than usual but maybe someone else can relate.

I have been really struggling with my version of “imposter syndrome”. This is a lame term, I know, but it really describes my current mindset. Imposter syndrome is “the persistent inability to believe that one’s success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one’s own efforts or skills.” Basically doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud. Like the cartoon..I wonder if I am even good enough to have it!

I have “imposter syndrome” when it comes to completing this graduate program and becoming a nutritionist. Every time I get some sort of validation I almost immediately shove it down because a negative voice creeps back into my head that I am still not good enough. I don’t know enough. I am not small enough. I won’t be taken seriously. .I  look at some of my classmates and even though I get good grades I still feel less qualified because I am bigger than them. Because I weigh more. I take up more space. Even when I get blatant validation (An A, or positive feedback from a teacher) I continue to doubt my credibility because of my size.

When I first started on my weight loss journey, I successfully lost 70 pounds. People would ask me how I did it or for tips. What they didn’t know was how taxing the journey was on me mentally, how I still struggled badly with self-confidence, and how unhealthy and how completely unsustainable and restrictive my methods were. I had made some great physical progress but I still had a long way to go. I had no idea what I was really doing. It was all trial and error. As many times as I fell, I just always got back up. Everything became a learning lesson.

I didn’t feel qualified to help other people in the same boat as me, but I wanted to. So began my journey to I go back to school to learn all about nutrition. I have learned so much since I started school and realize that all the methods I had used in the past to lose weight were unhealthy and would only result in quick results followed by quick re-gain.

My mindset shifted drastically from weight loss and numbers on a scale to an overall health and wellness journey. I care more now about slow, steady, and sustainable lifestyle modifications over diets” or a quick fix. No carbs and endless meal prepped bland grilled chicken and veggies have been replaced with balance, variety, and moderation. Further, I now have tools I can share with people. I still am hesitant sometimes to share these things because of my size. I’ve put weight back on. I feel like a fraud. I have the knowledge in my head but in my own life I have not successfully executed it yet. Since I lost all my weight originally, I regained, re-lost, and am now back to an uncomfortable weight for me.

When  I tell people I am in grad school, and they ask for what, I cringe when I say nutrition. All I feel is judgement for being so overweight, and fear that won’t succeed because I don’t “look the part” yet.

School has been taxing for me. It takes up alot of my time and I have had many mental breakdowns about whether or not I could really do this (Sorry mom and dad!) Biochemistry was not something I ever dreamed I’d have to take 3 courses on but I ended up not only passing but getting an A in two of them.  I am now in my last semester and besides my first rocky semester with a couple of B’s, I have gotten all A’s in my classes. I really love it and have found something I am actually passionate about. I enjoy what I am learning thoroughly.

Unfortunately my self-doubt almost inevitably leads to self-sabotage. Engaging in behaviors that go directly against my goals or doing things I know don’t feel good because of that ever gnawing voice in my head that tells me “I can’t do it”or “I’m not good enough”. To combat these pesky though intrusions I decided much like the nutrition I am learning, the best way to tackle it is by finding the root cause.

I decided to look back at WHY I am doing this and recenter myself. Here are some of my “whys”

To educate myself on how to create healthy habits and live a healthy life

To feel more comfortable my own skin

To follow my passion and dreams

To feel like the best version of myself

To help others.

To have a healthy mind and body

To remember my self-confidence and self-worth

To make myself proud.

Whenever you feel yourself overcome with imposter syndrome, I implore you to remember your own “whys”. To drown out those voices in your head that tell you you aren’t good enough or aren’t deserving of all your achievements. Put your “why” on sticky notes like I did and put them around your mirror. Put them in your car and on your fridge. Self-doubt can be a crippling illness, But the cure comes from within. Believe in yourself, do things that align with your goals, and no matter how many times you fall down always stand back up and never ever ever give up.


Here is the story of the day that the treadmill ate my cell phone.

Before I get to that, let me tell you about how this started. Today I cried in the dressing room.

This morning though, was a different story. I felt pretty good. I was down a couple pounds on the scale and feeling super motivated about the gym, my workouts, and making healthy foods again. I packed my gym bag and went straight to the gym after work. I didn’t hem and haw like I usually do, I didn’t sit in the parking lot for 10 minutes and debate if I needed to go or not, and walked right in with confidence.

Then I got into the changing room. If you’ve never changed in an Edge changing room, it is a tiny room barely enough room to move, and a long unforgiving wall length mirror. I always hated this mirror. It’s like the honesty of the car mirror times 10. Normally I can just ignore it but today I was especially affected by it.

When I looked in the mirror all I saw was my fat.In a society that demonizes fat and glorifies diet culture it’s hard not to feel ashamed to see what I see staring back at me. I immediately started to doubt my efforts.

I couldn’t help it. I cried.

Thoughts flooded me “Am I not trying hard enough?” “Have I been eating too much?” “Should I cancel all future plans until further notice..until I lose the weight again?” Till I regain “control” “. Until I am normal”

It’s so hard to show up on days when you don’t see or feel the fruits of your efforts .

It’s hard not to feel ashamed when at one time people used to tell me how inspiring I was not knowing how I was doing crazy restrictive diets or going to gym twice a day and not sleeping till I hit x amount of steps or burned x amount of calories.

To constantly worry that people will judge me for gaining weight back, for going up and down, and still not having figured it all out yet.

For being in grad school for nutrition , when I am still fat, which is my biggest insecurity.

When at times I I feel like a fraud.

Anyways, so about how the treadmill ate my phone. After the emotional experience in the dressing room I honestly wanted to go home. I decided I wasn’t going to get closer to my goals if I did so I decided to stick it out and do a workout. I got on the treadmill to warm up. I picked out a podcast, put the incline all the way up, and had one blissful minute before the incident.

My phone tumbled off the treadmill where it had be resting, and I tried to hit stop but I just couldn’t do it fast enough. The phone got caught in the back of the treadmill, wedged between the runner and the plastic bottom. As I tried to get it out all I could hear was crunch. crunch. crunch. I finally got it free and was hoping the back was just shattered, but when I flipped it over, I knew it was toast. I was oddly calm.I wiped the machine, got my bag, told the front desk girl (who was horrified, and speechless) she’d need to have someone clean the treadmill in the women’s room, and walked out.

I’d love to tell you I persevered, had a great workout, and all the positive vibes. I didn’t. I left. I was defeated. As I sat in the car I was hoping to God I wouldn’t become the next viral gym meme. Fat people get enough unwanted attention and looks at the gym without causing a scene and smashing their phone on the treadmill.

The point of this post is not to garner sympathy instead to show Instagram isn’t always real. I could have just not posted today, or just acted like everything was fine, went to the gym, posted a selfie and all was well.

I wrote this post to remind people that someone may post all the workouts and the healthy foods but may still be dealing with demons and self doubt on the inside.

I know today is just a bad day and I have made mental progress. Having days like this does not make me a failure, or you a failure. It makes us human. You can take steps back, repeat old mistakes, and still have growth. You can take as long as you need to figure things out- despite the pressures society puts on achieving things as quick as possible by any means possible.. Consistency and patience are the hardest lessons I have had to learn, harder than any low carb diet or weight loss challenge.I can say I have gained more  self confidence and at the same time still acknowledge I have miles to go

So if you ever cried in a dressing room mirror- you’re not alone.

If you ever felt like you’re trying at something and keep failing-youre’ not alone 

If you’ve ever wondered ” why me” or “what I am doing wrong ?”-you’re not alone

Today was a bad day. But it was just one day.

I will learn from today, and yes.. I have apple care so for $100.00 I can get a replacement. The catch is I can’t figure out how to turn it off, so I have to wait for it to die first. In true Amanda fashion, you betcha it is completely charged.

Life is always going to throw obstacles. I will keep learning keep trying and not stop until I hit my goals.

If I can keep going, so can you. Just know you are never alone.



I remember New Year’s Eve in 2019 I was especially excited because 2020 was the year I turned 29. My golden year..29 on the 29th. I felt like it was going to be somehow lucky and tides would shift and things would finally go in the right direction. Boy oh boy was I wrong.

2020 had other ideas and none of them were particular golden..I think we can all agree we are glad that it is finally over with. Unfortunately as 2021 as already demonstrated quite horribly, the calendar turning its page to 2021 isn’ going to be the quick fix we all secretly desired. However,I am not ready to give up hope yet for some positive vibes on the horizon.

As I reflect on 2020, and start to think about my goals for the new year, it is easy to focus on the negative. I mean it’s hard to ignore the obvious. Covid was a giant black cloud that hovered over us the entire year cancelling weddings, vacations, school, parties, bars, concerts, gyms, and every other normal social activities we were not prepared to halt completely. Everyone has something they missed out on, but those arbitrary things are nothing compared to the people who died, people who lost family members and loved ones, frontline workers, nurses, and other first responders.

Instead of dwelling on all that though, I would like to focus on the positive things that did happen!

  • I trained for and ran my first half marathon! It wasn’t in Atlantic City, and there were not thousands of other runners but my family and friends made it feel just as special as the real thing. My brother-in-law even ran it with me, and my friends cheered me on with signs and water. I will never forget that day.
  • I managed to still lose 30 pounds. I ended the year on a rough note, but overall it went down and that was my goal.
  • I found ways to workout at home and fell in love with taking walks in my neighborhood and trying different routes.
  • I passed through 4 semesters of graduate school, and learned a ton about nutrition! After the first semester I didn’t know if I’d make it, but now I am doing really well
  • I found out who was really there for me, who really matters, and what really matters.

None of this is to brag, just to say that it wasn’t ALL bad, and I am sure everyone can write their own list (I bet 99 percent of people at least made banana bread or tried a new recipie)

Now I’d like to share my 2021 goals

One of my biggest goals is to stop mindlessly scrolling as much on social media. I can’t tell you how many mornings I woke up early planning to do homework, or a workout, but instead I laid there entranced watching other people live their life and forgetting to live mine and get things done I wanted to do, goals I wanted to achieve, and things I wanted to make happen. This year I want to try to be more intentional–even if it is watching tv-I want to be more present. I want to take action. I want to get off the sidelines and get in the game.

Another is to work on adding more weights/strength training to my workouts and be more consistent. I miss feeling strong. I miss increasing weight on the bar and meeting new PR’s. I have become lax in my workouts and I want to step it back up. I am not trying to get back to the past anymore, I am looking forward !

Another thing is letting go of toxic people and things that no longer serve me. This year has taught me not only what matters, but who. I want to dedicate time to expressing gratitude for my family, my friends, my health, job, school, and all of the positive things in my life and stop giving energy and attention to things that bring me down.

I am also going to be more accountable for my fitness journey, which means posting more here and on my Facebook and Instagram page (if you’d like to join the FB message me!)

If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading, and I hope you do your own reflecting and declare your own goals. Feel free to share them. Speak it into existence! Let’s go people!

“Transformation Tuesday”


I originally wasn’t going to post this because I don’t see too much difference but this is August 2019 v August 2020. Between these two pics is just about 30 pounds. It was a very slow drop compared to the past. But I guess this is one before and after that I am happier about mental change v. physical change and that is also worth acknowledging. Call it a different type of “Transformation Tuesday” or whatever the cool kids say.

Last August I had crept back up to one of my heaviest weights since I started my weight loss journey..just 20 pounds shy from my starting weight. When I allowed myself to finally face this reality, I was devastated. I was really depressed and down and disappointed that I had gotten back to that point. So, I just basically started again from the top.

My weight loss journey has always been about losing weight with the intent of being healthier, but If I am being honest I cared more about the scale than anything else even if I didn’t always admit it. I just keep thinking once I hit my goal weight I will be happy and then my life can really start. It led it to a vicious cycle of me being “all in” or “all out”. I’d be “all in” and allow myself no room for error or moderation. I’d lose weight pretty quickly (I once lost almost 30 pounds In 8 weeks but ended up losing my gallbladder too 😂) and then when I was “off” I would binge and go crazy.  I’d work my butt off and restrict myself with unsustainable diets with the end goal of having all the things I “couldn’t eat “and then reward myself with it.  I learned the hard way that that doesn’t work for me. The craziest part is I really thought it was healthy! And because I was losing weight, I am sure others believed it was too, but honestly there is nothing healthy about that toxic cycle or doing things in a drastic way just to lose weight.

It wasn’t until I started losing weight slower and really focusing on making healthy living my lifestyle and not just chasing numbers on the scale that I really understood what moderation meant. I started my nutrition program last September and it really has changed the way I view food. I love learning about how it actually fuels our body and how what we eat influences our overall health so dramatically. I learned that it is not just calories in v. out (and yes that works for just weight loss) but what we eat and how much of it that really matters. Do I want to be a healthier weight Yes. Do I want my clothes to fit better ? Yes. But most importantly I just really want to be healthy, and the best and happiest version of me.

I still struggle and I am no where I want to be or even where I was but I truly believe I have a better mindset now and am ok with the slower loss if it means I am going to create a healthy lifestyle and include moderation verses going through the weight loss/gain cycle over and over. I don’t want to have to “diet” but I want to make my everyday diet one that I am able to enjoy but also be healthy not because I hate myself, but because I love myself and want to treat myself and body with love. I want to work out because I get to, not because I “have to”. I want to do it because it makes me feel good and because it is good for me, not as a punishment for being fat.

My point is… it’s not all about number on a scale. And I know all about scales trust me, I have 4. It’s about feeling good on the inside and outside and creating a healthy life that is sustainable for you.

Thanks for reading and all your continued support on this journey and know I’d you never need any .. I got you!


Let me just start by saying I am not a runner. I never have been. I don’t have a runner’s body. I do not glide, my feet stomp on the pavement. I usually avoid running at all costs. I don’t find it relaxing and sometimes every minute feels like an eternity. I love Crossfit and lifting weights and body movements and all things fitness. I loved doing the Spartan races.  But running…nope. My  my stomach would always turn when I saw a run programmed in the workout.  I almost always was the last runner (hence my blog title foreverlastingymclass) and am always the last person in my family to roll through the Colony 5k finish line when my brother and sister are already on their second or third beer, and slice of pizza.

Okay you get the point– I hate running.  But what I do love is challenging myself. Having a goal to work on, working on it, and achieving it. To me there is such an incredible feeling of thinking you “can’t” do something or something is “too hard” and then proving yourself wrong. Since my fitness journey started I have been able to hold myself accountable and to make mental and physical progress by challenging myself and setting goals.

So last year I decided I wanted to run a half-marathon. It was a fleeting thought.  I was actually just scrolling through Facebook and saw an advertisement (I am a sucker for a good add) for the Atlantic City half-marathon. I figured, well if I am going to do a half-marathon, why not do one in a place I love! Then I went to register and saw that I could do it by raising money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Boom, there was my inspiration. I could run this marathon and raise money for a great cause. I clicked register and forgot all about it for a while. Maybe I’ll just not do it, it was only a thought.

Then one day I got a package in the mail. It was a thank-you from St. Jude for fundraising. It had a post card, a bag, and a water bottle. That was when I realized “Shit, I actually have to do this thing”. I started training in January and oof, the first few runs hurt. I was slow.  The runs were agonizing. I was not confident. I downloaded a training plan for beginners and started to follow it.  As much as it sucked, I kept going. I had committed to the goal and now I had to see it through. I booked two nights at Atlantic City and kept envisioning that as my reward.  As I continued to train, my endurance got better and I felt stronger. Each new “long” run was a milestone and a gave me a feeling of accomplishment. First 5 felt amazing. Then 6. Then 7. (you get the idea). When I did 10, it was awful, but I did it!

When Corona happened, I was already training hard, and continued to hope it wouldn’t get cancelled (but as we learned more I realized it was inevitable). I thought about just stopping, and tabling my goal for a while. My brother-in-law commented on my Instagram Post and said “you are still running one on that day” and volunteered to run with me. That was all I needed to keep going. I had set out to achieve a goal, and put in a lot of work training, so even though the race was cancelled, I still committed.

This past Saturday was race day. It was truly amazing. Even when I set out I was unsure if could do it. I had put in the work training, but I felt a little uneasy, but excited. As promised, my brother-in-law ran with me. It was a beautiful day and the course we chose was beautiful by the water. It wasn’t a packed boardwalk at Atlantic City surrounded by thousands of other runners, but it was still my race and took it seriously.  I started off strong, and by the end the last few miles were grueling. But thanks to John, the support of my friends who littered the route with signs and cheers (and soon enough strangers were even cheering me on)  my family waiting for me at the “finish line”, and some energy chews I stuffed into my mouth (in hopes they would give me super powers to finish like Mario-kart) I  am proud to say I did it! 2.47 hours later.

One more goal checked off on my bucket list. I am still doing the AC half-marathon next year as my registration gets carried over, so I hoping this time to beat my first time! Setting goals and always having something to work on, to be better is what has got me this far and what I will continue to do to keep going. I may have had some ups and downs, but goals keep me going.

Thank you for your support as always! Set some goals and smash em! YVSqqBBfSuymsm7lmw3pYw0560F3FD-0FC6-4408-8F0E-95D994AA53E7 2

Finding balance


Well, since we are in Quarantine in some of the strangest days of our lives, I decided to dust the cobwebs off the old blog, and breathe some life back into it. A lot of this extra free time has brought some positives. For one it has reminded me that I have been neglecting some things that I love, including writing. Shoutout to my nephew for inadvertently reigniting my passion. Anyways, I’m still here, still learning and trying to figure out how to find my way in this fitness journey.  For those of you have followed me, you know that I have had my ups and downs. I am grateful for them though, because it has all been such a learning experience and every time I fall down, when I get back up I am that much stronger and armed with more knowledge and experience. Grit? Isn’t that what it’s called?

I’ve learned so far that losing weight isn’t the hard part.  I am not saying that losing weight is easy, I will be the first to tell  you it is not, but it is the most straight forward. Calorie deficit right? The real hard part though  is cultivating healthy relationship with food, breaking habits, developing better coping mechanisms, and finding balance. Then there is maintenance. Everyone always told me how to lose weight, but nobody ever told me what to do next. (note to self- rewarding yourself with food binges after long periods of restricting isn’t the best move). Hardest for me is trying to find balance in this unbalanced world.

That brings us to this whole quarantine/coronavirus situation we are in. I’ve found myself on a perpetual crossroads- another instance where I might have gone “all in, or all out”. Eat only healthy home cooked meals, deprive myself of any an all “treats”, and not sleep until I hit 10,000 steps on my Fitbit. (Which I no longer have, upgraded to an Apple Watch, an end of an era for me, has been my lifeline since I started working out!) Or, succumb to the stress and anxiety of everything going on, eat everything in sight, stay glued to the couch, fall into depression, and feel terrible.

So far I’ve been doing pretty good about not falling into or staying on either side of the spectrum. I am waddling on the line in the middle which is where I am trying my best to stay. I am still working out, going for walks, and training for my half-marathon. It was cancelled, obviously, but I am still running a 13 miles on May 16 as planned with my brother-in-law. Working out has honestly done wonders for my mental health. Sometimes it really gets hard to make myself consistently do it, but I always feel better, accomplished, and have more energy when I get it in.  But if I miss a day or take a day off, I don’t beat myself up. Rest days are important too, mentally and physically. I am still trying to eat as healthy as a I can, but I still live with my mother so I had some bomb homemade pizza and chocolate chip banana bread, among other things. I think it is important to remember we are all human and its a trying time for all of us. Everyone copes differently but I think putting extreme pressure on ourselves to be the most productive as possible during all this may not be the right answer for everyone.

I still have a lot of work to do mentally and physically, for example this morning I weighed myself and wanted to punch the wall, but had to remind myself the scale is just a stupid little temperamental robot that changes its calculations if you move it 3 degrees to the left (or upstairs v. downstairs..I’ve tried it all). I am not at all near my lowest weight or my goal weight, but I am taking my time this time and working on my health every day.

Anyways, stay tuned I’ll be posting some new stuff this week. Up next,  I’ll explain why I am training for a half-marathon even though I really hate running.

As always if you made it this far, thank you for reading and being apart of this journey with me.


Overcoming my carbphobia

Overcoming my carbphobia, and fear of food

bunch of nuts served on bowls
Photo by Mike on Pexels.com


Disclaimer : This may upset you low carbers or keto peeps out there . I do not think there is anything wrong with eating low carb, this is just about my own relationship with food! Whatever works for you and is sustainable long term, do it !) 

This morning I woke up with a headache, but I was hungry . I didn’t feel like eggs . I decided to make a cup of plain oatmeal . I know this sounds boring but for me this was a huge deal ! Oatmeal ?! Carbohydrates ?! You can’t eat carbs while trying to lose weight . I’m pretty sure that’s the first thing instilled in my brain when starting out on my weight loss journey. I was instilled in the belief that “carbs make you fat”.  My former self was tortured by the thought. I’ve spent years in terror over carbs. Seriously, I feared them . I wouldn’t let myself eat oatmeal, quinoa, or even fruit because of the carbs,  but then I’d restrict so much I’d end up binge eating pizza or McDonald’s (see the irony here ) . I’d beat myself up for however long (days, weeks, even months ) then get back on track of low carbs and high protein. Protein that most of the time I was forcing myself to eat . I’m not a fan of grilled chicken . I’m just not . But if forced myself for years for years to eat it because it was “healthy “ and I’m not saying it isn’t healthy , it is, but it’s not the only gosh darn protein source out there. It felt liberating to come to the realization if I don’t like it, I don’t NEED to eat it.

There are many other proteins including plant based that I’ve missed out on cause of my carbphobia. I’m not saying it doesn’t work –it does- I lost 70 pounds following this belief . But the weight kept coming back , I’d lose it and it would come back . I’ve been trying to really figure out how to beak the cycle and what I’ve been focusing on most is my relationship and fears with food. I was stuck in the “bad food” “good food” “I can’t eat that” mentality for so long that I failed to realized that was the problem . I was burdened by food guilt . I couldn’t eat anything that I deemed was “bad” or I “I couldn’t have” without immense food guilt .  That was why no matter how hard I tried I’d fall off , or end up binging. Just to start and restart over and over again.

Now I won’t pretend I’ve figured it all out , but I have made progress with my relationship with food . I was not kidding when I said oatmeal was a big deal for me today . Of course I’ve had carbs for breakfast in the past five years but they were what I considered cheats, or foods I felt guilty about eating .  I ate my oatmeal today guilt free and it was not a cheat ! Oatmeal is good for you !!  What most people don’t want to accept, myself included, is that no food group is inherently bad for you or makes you fat. Eating too many calories makes you gain weight . It doesn’t matter if it comes from carbs, protein or fat.

I’m not saying with my new revelation I’m going to go out and eat all the carbs (like chips and white bread ) ALL the time , but I’m not going to be afraid of things like sweet potatoes , fruit , quinoa , and oatmeal and other nutritious foods because of their carb content.

I did an experiment , I stopped eating meat for this  past week . Now of course this meant adding a lot more carbs . Way more than I was used to especially when I’m “eating healthy”. I ate a ton of veggies , fruits , beans, whole grains ,and healthy fat sources like olive oil and avocado. I was surprised to see I was still getting a decent amount of protein from just beans, plant sources, and eggs . Everyday as I logged my food I still got that twinge of fear when my carbs were way higher than they normally were even though they were coming from all good sources. And guess what?! I lost weight . I still counted calories and remained in a deficit because that’s essential no matter what type of eating plan you follow, but I was shocked . Maybe I’m on my way to debunking for myself that carbs alone make you fat. And you know what they say , in order to get over your fears you need to face them head on ! I don’t want to fear any food group anymore and focus on the quality and nutrition of my foods not just “low carb”.  My new goals aren’t just weight loss but to enjoy a night out with friends,  or a holiday without feeling guilty , and then just get right back on it the next day . To end the cycle of all or nothing and truly work on the word moderation, which I’ve mentioned before but never really understood.

Since I’ve started this mentality the weight is coming off slower but it is going down.  I’m working on my mental health and relationship with food all at the same time. Losing weight isn’t the hard part , it’s finding something that is sustainable and changing your lifestyle to maintain the weight loss is what is hard . It’s been such a learning experience so I guess that is why they call it a journey !  So thanks for all those who are with me on mine. If you made it this far thanks for reading and your support !

Master’s Degree Here I come

I have been sitting on some very big personal news since May. As of yesterday, I have begun my journey for a Master’s of Science  in Human Nutrition degree at the University of Bridgeport’s online program.

Ever since I started my weight loss journey almost six years ago,  I knew I had found something I was passionate about. Before, I lived my whole life afraid of food, failing at diets, and uncomfortable in my own skin. When I started my journey I loved learning about nutrition, learning how to put healthy twists on my favorite  foods, and  loved giving people advice and help when they asked me for it. Even though myself am constantly learning and going through highs and low,  trials and errors, I genuinely enjoy helping others.

I decided I wanted to learn as much as I can about nutrition, about actually living a healthy lifestyle and not just how to do the next fad “diet”. I decided I wanted to master it (literally), and use all my new tools and knowledge to help others in an area I have struggled with my entire life. On a whim, I applied to the University of Bridgeport Masters of Human Nutrition Program.

Not having any science background, and an undergraduate degree in Communications, I really didn’t think I’d even get in. But to my surprise on May 16, I found out I got accepted. I was so happy. But at first I didn’t tell a soul. I didn’t even tell my parents until the weekend.

I slowly told my immediate family and only a few friends. I was ashamed to tell people. At first I told myself it was because I wasn’t even sure if I’d finish. Or that “nobody needs to know what I am doing” or it was “nobody’s business”. And it’s not. But that isn’t the real reason I did not tell anyone.

I haven’t told many people because of fear. Because of my size.  Because I am fat. Fear of judgemement and being made fun of. Fear of people thinking “She is fat, how can she be a nutritionist?” or “She can’t even help herself, how can she help other people?”Why would she waste all that money going back to school?”Who is going to take her seriously?”

But I realized those were my own negative thoughts. I was putting myself down before I even gave other people a chance to. So by hiding this I wasn’t “hustling quietly” I was just setting myself up for failure.

It wasn’t until I went to the bookstore to get my books that I had a change of heart. The guy working said “Wow, that is a really tough program to get into, you should be proud of yourself!”.

Suddenly it clicked.  I should be proud. I am taking on a whole new adventure of trying to better myself and learn and grow. I may not be what people think of when they hear nutritionist, but maybe one day I will prove all those negative voices in my head wrong.

So, naturally, I bought a UB sweatshirt and coffee mug, and from now on I will wear them proud. And maybe in 18 months I’ll even walk away with a Master’s Degree.

As always, if you made it this far I thank you so much for reading!








So long Forever Last In Gym Class



Today’s post is all about endings–and beginnings.

Today I am ending an era for me –an area that helped save my life. This blog, Forever Last in Gym Class, combined with my Instagram page, helped me throughout my weight loss journey.  It helped me to stay accountable, inspired, and allowed me to go through the ups and downs, victories and losses, in a way that made me feel like I wasn’t alone.

It is no secret my losses have been more prevalent than my victories lately. I have gained a lot of weight back and I have not been able to get it off this time ( despite my efforts) and something has just been missing in the whole equation. Part of it is mental in my mindset and how my thinking has been and part is lack of consistency in my diet and exercise. I’d see an old picture of me in my prime shape and want to desperately channel that person I  saw who was inspired, motivated, and who stuck to her plans and hit her goals. But then I realized something. I was trying to morph back into someone who no longer exists. I was trying desperately to go back in time when I should have been looking to the future.

I can’t go back in time. I can’t be that person again–she does not exist anymore. She has changed and grown and gone through new experiences and challenges. Life has knocked her down but she keeps getting back up. She is armed with new knowledge. She is ready to turn page- and start a new chapter.

The only person I can try to be now is better than the person I am today. Each day try to be better, instead of living in the past.  To focus on how I am now and where I am going. To set new goals, and let go of the past.

So I’d like to welcome you to my new handle (for now)— The Comeback AK. This is not a new journey, but a new chapter. If you have ever felt like you failed something,  or if you ever thought you can’t do something..then believe me I understand, and I am going to make it my mission to prove you and myself wrong. If I can do it, ANYONE can.  Seriously, anyone.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten on my journey. Drop a comment ! Now taking any and all support! And if you need anything feel free to message me.  We are in this together!




Put your sneakers on girl!

Or guy .

Or whoever.

Get up off your butt and get your sneakers on!


Honestly, I love the feeling after I workout. It doesn’t  matter how long or short my workout was, how well or poor I think I did, the intensity, whether or not I got a PR (personal record) or ran my fastest minute mile. I feel good when I finish, I feel motivated, I feel accomplished, and I feel well, a bit proud. My moral is lifted every single time.

Then why is it so hard for me to get to the gym everyday? I struggle with this more days than not. If I go in the morning, I arm myself with multiple alarms and go through a strenuous snooze process. I go to bed set on getting up and conquering the morning WOD, until 4:45 a.m.  comes. Terrible  counterproductive thoughts intrude my foggy morning brain. “You should sleep in, you can just go later” is usually what I convince myself before ignoring that last alarm and drifting back into sleep. Then I wake up mad, disappointed in myself and vow to go later after work. Until 3:00 p.m. comes, my motivation fades  more defeating thoughts swirl my brain. “Just take the night off,  go to bed early, and get after it in the morning.”

It is a vicious cycle.

This morning I woke up late  (classic), and decided I’d go after work. I didn’t want to go at all when the time came. I sulked, made excuses, and looked at my couch longingly. But then thanks to my gym buddy (blue sneaker) I got the push I needed. I got dressed, but until the last second I refused to put on my sneakers. It sounds silly but honestly sometimes putting my gym sneakers on is the hardest part of my workout. It is like some part of my brain signals off and its like “Oh crap if we put these on, we gotta actually do this.”

The drive there I did not feel much better. Even when I got to the gym, I debated not going inside. It is so crazy how much mental anguish it can take me to get somewhere I know is just going to benefit me. Somewhere I feel comfortable and welcome (thank you Rough House!) Somewhere I don’t feel judged. Somewhere that can get me to my goals way faster than my couch can.

Tonight’s class was just what I needed to remind myself that if you can get through all that anxiety and doubt and negative thoughts and make it there, the reward is rich. It was a small group of bad ass girls, working on being their best selves, having, fun, and cheering each other on.

And then I realized sometimes you just need to push through those seemingly small steps…. like waking up when your alarm goes off. Driving to the gym. Finding a place you feel comfortable. Getting a gym buddy to hold yourself accountable. Make time for a tiny part of your day to work on yourself and your health. Just push through. If you can make it that far, half the battle is won. The hard part. So get up, and get your damn sneakers on and do the damn thing!