Master’s Degree Here I come

I have been sitting on some very big personal news since May. As of yesterday, I have begun my journey for a Master’s of Science  in Human Nutrition degree at the University of Bridgeport’s online program.

Ever since I started my weight loss journey almost six years ago,  I knew I had found something I was passionate about. Before, I lived my whole life afraid of food, failing at diets, and uncomfortable in my own skin. When I started my journey I loved learning about nutrition, learning how to put healthy twists on my favorite  foods, and  loved giving people advice and help when they asked me for it. Even though myself am constantly learning and going through highs and low,  trials and errors, I genuinely enjoy helping others.

I decided I wanted to learn as much as I can about nutrition, about actually living a healthy lifestyle and not just how to do the next fad “diet”. I decided I wanted to master it (literally), and use all my new tools and knowledge to help others in an area I have struggled with my entire life. On a whim, I applied to the University of Bridgeport Masters of Human Nutrition Program.

Not having any science background, and an undergraduate degree in Communications, I really didn’t think I’d even get in. But to my surprise on May 16, I found out I got accepted. I was so happy. But at first I didn’t tell a soul. I didn’t even tell my parents until the weekend.

I slowly told my immediate family and only a few friends. I was ashamed to tell people. At first I told myself it was because I wasn’t even sure if I’d finish. Or that “nobody needs to know what I am doing” or it was “nobody’s business”. And it’s not. But that isn’t the real reason I did not tell anyone.

I haven’t told many people because of fear. Because of my size.  Because I am fat. Fear of judgemement and being made fun of. Fear of people thinking “She is fat, how can she be a nutritionist?” or “She can’t even help herself, how can she help other people?”Why would she waste all that money going back to school?”Who is going to take her seriously?”

But I realized those were my own negative thoughts. I was putting myself down before I even gave other people a chance to. So by hiding this I wasn’t “hustling quietly” I was just setting myself up for failure.

It wasn’t until I went to the bookstore to get my books that I had a change of heart. The guy working said “Wow, that is a really tough program to get into, you should be proud of yourself!”.

Suddenly it clicked.  I should be proud. I am taking on a whole new adventure of trying to better myself and learn and grow. I may not be what people think of when they hear nutritionist, but maybe one day I will prove all those negative voices in my head wrong.

So, naturally, I bought a UB sweatshirt and coffee mug, and from now on I will wear them proud. And maybe in 18 months I’ll even walk away with a Master’s Degree.

As always, if you made it this far I thank you so much for reading!








2 thoughts on “Master’s Degree Here I come

  1. You rule! I am so proud of you. How can a person who never struggled with nutrition be a nutritionist?!?! You have been there, you are still there! UB is lucky to have you.

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