Yesteday I met fran..




So yesterday was a big Crossfit milestone for me. I completed my first ever Fran (scaled). Now if you’re not a Crossfiter, than you probably are wondering what that means and why it’s significant. When I first joined Crossfit, not only did I learn new movements and exercises, I also learned a whole new language.  Fran refers to one of the “girl” workouts. (Literally, workouts named after girls)  I should mention that these workouts are not named after anybody specific, they are just names given to specific workouts. In the own words of the founder of Crossfit, Inc Greg Glassman, ”  I thought that anything that left you flat on your back, looking up at the sky asking ‘what just happened to me?’ deserved a females name.” – See more at: (Nice, huh?)

Now, back to Fran.Fran is a benchmark workout that is designed to measure your progress. The workout itself sounds simple-90 reps, 21-15-9 of thrusters and pull-ups (21 thrusters, 21 pull-ups, 15-15, ect) as fast as you possibly could. Sounds easy right? Sorry, did I say easy? I meant ‘deadly.

I always heard people talking about it, and in  very formidable tones. When I saw it posted for the WOD I figured it was finally my time to test it out and see if it was as bad as the hype. It was. I was able to complete it using a barbell and banded pull-ups in 7:20. I was pretty thrilled with this time considering how slow I am at pull-up’s,  My goal by the end of the summer is to be able to do at least one strict pull-up. Everyone say a prayer for me.



“National_(Insert your favorite treat here) Day!”



Is it me, or does it seem like far too often I could be having an ordinary day, in my own ignorant bliss, patting my back for the salad I just ate for lunch, when suddenly I log on Facebook and am greeted by the devil, or posts like “Celebrate National Donut day!, It seems like everyday is some sort of holiday dedicated to all the foods I am actively trying to avoid, or forget their existence.

For example, Monday was allegedly, “National Cannoli Day” according to my timeline. What? Since when did we need special days or reasons to celebrate cannoli’s. I find myself rationing in my head, “Well, how can I not, it is National Cannoli day right?” Like what does that mean anyway, and what evil person decided to torture me with these patriotic duties.

The worst part is, these sacred goods, are often discounted, or even free on these days of obligation. It’s one thing to say no to a donut, but its a completely different level of willpower when saying no to a free donut, or cannoli. Why cant grocery stores ever be like “National fruit and veggies day” Come get your free supply! Or “National grilled chicken salad day” Well, I guess that wouldn’t be as fun.

I am not the Grinch of food holidays, nor am I against those who celebrate, and believe me nobody was happier than me to partake in “National Margarita Day” but we can’t let these little diversions alter our focus. A harmless donut on national donut day, may turn into a slippery slope of bad food making decisions. I know I often used to think(Okay, sometimes still think), “Well I already ate this donut, so might as well just go a-wall and eat as much of everything else bad for me that I can.” 

This act of definiance, the middle finger to our diet is then followed in progression  by food guilt.  I then think about all the changes I need to make and then come the battle cries to ‘Start again tomorrow!  “or…. how about Monday.” The trick is to break that habit and just make the next decision a good one.Nobody is perfect and there are always temptations around us. It is okay to indulge in these temptations, if we just get right back on track. Don’t wait until tomorrow, just make the next choice count!


Forever Last in Gym Class

Call me the little engine that could of Crossfit, or the underdog, or lost and misguided, but no matter what you call me I am proud to call myself a Crosffiter. I have drank the “Kool-Aid” if you will, and boy do I love Kool Aid. Being overweight my whole life, I have constantly tried different methods for losing weight. I’d go through yo-yo periods of weight loss and gain. When college came, I had almost admitted defeat and accepted my pleasantly plump physique.

After I graduated college in may I was at my heaviest-230 pounds. I thought about doing the old gym and diet routine I had tried and failed throughout the years but my sister presented me with an idea that changed my life. We were sitting down one day and she asked if I’d consider doing Crossfit with her.

Cross-what? I was completely turned off already. Still she persisted so I looked at videos online to see what it was all about. Then I had almost completely shut the door. Seeing fit, in shape looking people, lifting heavy weights and doing crazy, impossible looking movements did not exactly motivate me. All I could think was “I can’t do that”Not giving up my sister forced me to go for a consult at the gym, or as I’d later come to find out it was called a box, just to see for ourselves. I met the owner, Kevin, and he would be an amazing car salesman because after a short meeting I was sold.

He convinced me that anybody could do Crossfit, and movements could always be scaled to individual ability. Though skeptical I fit into the “anybody” category still, I decided to give it a whirl. I began foundations class with my sister, a beginners class to prepare you for the real thing. After my first foundations class I thought many things: This is an intro class? I am severely out of shape, I don’t think I’ve ever felt worse pain in my life, and lastly I think I can do this.

I may be the girl tripping over the box during box jumps, or the last one to finish a 400 meter run, or the one whos crab walk looks like they are missing a leg, but I show up and finish my workout just like everyone else. I have never felt so welcomed or comfortable in a gym before. The coaches and trainers all work with me and push me to my limits and to always do my best. The people in my class cheer me on and always greet me with a smile. In October, after only being at the gym a few months, I found myself being titled Member of the Month, an accomplishment I am truly proud of no matter how cheesy it sounds.

That was August of last year and I’m still staying strong, meanwhile getting stronger. I completely fell in love and for the first time in my life have enjoyed exercise and found something I can stick with. I am now 40 pounds lighter, stronger, and inspired. In the time I’ve been Crossfiting, I’ve completed a 50,000 meter Rowathon, completed the Whole Life Challenge, ran in 5 5k races, one 5 mile race, gave up carbs, said no to cheese, and many other things I never thought possible. However my fitness goals are far from completed and my fitness journey is just beginning. If you ever thought you couldn’t do it, or if you were like me, and always last in gym, class, or if you genuinely enjoy a good laugh then feel free to follow my blog and see where it takes me.

I am still the girl who is forever last in gym class, but at least this time in the Crossfit world being last means everyone cheering for you the loudest.