Food v. Fuel, what side are you on?

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As I sit here during this “blizzard”, binge watching Netflix, enjoying my second cup of joe, I’ve been pondering a lot about this controversial food topic. “Food is fuel”. I’ve heard this so many times, seen it on countless Instagram posts and have even used it as a mantra to myself to motivate me to stay on track while everyone around me is eating donuts and I am munchin’ on  almonds.

The concept is basically we are supposed to view food as fuel, not pleasure. “Eat to live, don’t live to eat”.To eat foods that fuel our bodies,  not foods that we want or enjoy necessarily (like pizza, or French fries, or nachos..or ok you get it). That food’s only purpose is to give us the right balance of carbs, fat and carbohydrates to sustain us, give us energy, get us through our work outs, and to keep our bodies healthy and alive.

I am just going to say it. I whole-heartedly disagree with this sentiment.This is just straight against the core of everything I believe in. Food is fuel, yes,(TECHNICALLY)  but food is way more than fuel, food is LIFE. I mean, if food was just fuel…would we even need taste buds? Would we have preferences (sweet v. savory, thin crust over thick, vanilla over chocolate)? Would we enjoy anything (Birthdays, celebrations, Friday night?) as much if we didn’t have the one thing that brings people together ?(GOOD FOOD!) Anyways, you get the idea.

Food is not the enemy. I believe the good Lord gave us food to enjoy, to savor, to delight in! Food is a huge part of life. And what is life if you can’t enjoy the foods you love to eat (even if they are “unhealthy”). The real enemy in all this is moderation. I truly believe you can “have your cake, and eat it too” if you just don’t eat the cake every single day. The 80/20 cliché is something I can stand behind, far more than “food is fuel”.  Am I saying I believe you should just eat what you want all the time, absolutely not. I truly believe in taking care of your body and feeding it healthy foods, majority of the time.  I am just saying you don’t have to eliminate the foods you love, just control how much and how often you have them.

Anyone who knows me knows I love food. But I also love feeling healthy. So, admittedly I envy those who stocked up on  snacks and goodies for this storm while I inwardly commend myself for stocking my fridge with veggies and boring old lean meat (and of course my artic zero ice cream, wasn’t going to completely forgo this snow day tradition). I chose to do so to stay on track with my goals. Also, I have an epic cheat meal planned in 10 days, and that’s enough for me to resist temptation!

I know if some trainer read this, or some health buff they would disagree, but for all my fellow food lovers out there, can I get an amen? If I had to correct this catch phrase It would totally say “Food is not JUST food”.

(Disclaimer: not all healthy food is bland and boring either, I make some pretty slammin’ healthy meals…not knocking the veggies or point is you should be able to enjoy food).

End rant.

Happy snow (rain/sleet) day! And always, if you made it this far, I love you!!





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