Back to basics

After my  2 hour therapy session yesterday, I mean….meeting with a nutritionist, I realized I was eating all the wrong things.

I used to declare myself the master label reader. I can rattle calories, and nutrition facts off that I’ve memorized from about 10 years of calorie counting. But, after last night I was dethroned.

I used to count calories in general. Then I switched to macro-counting, which is just focusing on the macronutrients protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Both of these are useful, but not always the end all tell all of the nutritional value of food.

We dissecting the foods I was eating, and I realized a majority of the food I was eating was full of over processed and potentially harmful chemicals. I tried to find quick fixes, lower fat, low calories, that I was eating all artificial foods.

I was taught scientifically how our body can’t always handle these foreign entities we put in our bodies. The scariest thing that I learned was that we are quite literally made up of what we eat.

Basically, the lesson here. When you go grocery shopping look at the label. Hidden underneath calories, serving sizes, and nutrient content, is the ingredients list. This is a key factor that I personally always overlooked. If it has a long list of ingredients you cannot pronounce-chances are its not good for you!  Look for foods that have low list of ingredients, and ones you can decipher what is actually in it.

Choose natural foods. Foods, vegetables, grass fed proteins, choose organic, choose real. I guarantee you will start to feel the health benefits, feel satisfied, reduce inflammation, and lose and maintain your weight loss.

I am not going to give up counting calroies or macronutrients, but I sure am going to pay more attention to ingredients to make the best decisions for my weight loss and goals.


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