No Days Off December and other things.

no days off

If you follow my Instagram at all (foreverlastingymclass) you may already know that I am doing a personal No Days Off December challenge. And if you don’t follow me and read this blog..why aren’t you!? Just kidding….

I had wanted to get things in gear back in the beginning of  November–but couldn’t really find the motivation. I was having lots of trouble getting fitness back into my daily routine. I would go a few days–then stop-then start-then stop again. I turned to family and friends for some advice on how to get my mojo back.

One of my best friends suggested setting a mini-goal or challenge for myself. She said that I did better when I had something to focus on. And –well  after  thinking about it I realized she was right! (Huh, my friends actually pay attention). I always do well if I know I have to commit to something– like an eight week gym challenge or a diet bet–something other than myself to hold accountable to. Thus–I created my own. No Days off December designed by myself specifically for the purpose of getting back to the gym on a daily basis, or at a minimum of 5 days a week.

I also wanted to make sure I ended December strong. I don’t mean that I won’t enjoy the holidays and don’t plan on being perfect, but I didn’t want it to be a “free for all” until New Years like it has ben in the past. I started off this year motivated and I’ve had some set backs, (which is life), but I owe it to my 2017 January self to end at least on a high note and with my fitness routine somewhat intact.

Two weeks into the challenge so far I am feeling good. And by feeling good-I simply mean every muscle in my body hurts. I had forgotten what soreness actually felt like–and it hurts so good.  These sore muscles are validating two things–1. that I am out of shape, and 2. that my workout actually counted for something. There are days I absolutely do not want to go to the gym—for reasons like: I’m tired, I’m sore from yesterday, I’m cold, etc… but because of the challenge I’ve made sure I at least did some type of physical activity every day so far. It is so easy to make excuses, but at the end of the day everyone has  a little time to do SOMETHING, and from personal experience–nobody ever regretted a workout after they were finished. (I don’t think..if you have, I’d love to hear from you! haha)

18 more days to go.  Hoping I can complete this challenge and head into the New Year feeling good. Note to time pick a month with less than 31 days.

-As always, bless you for reading !

Also–thinking about spicing up the blog next year. Adding videos-offering tips or challenges-recipes–that kind of stuff.  I sometimes think when I write theses or post on my Instagram I am really just talking to myself (Which  is its purpose  to be honest for accountability)…but this Sunday at the 5K someone came up to me and said I was inspiring them with my December challenge! Me? Inspiring? Who knew? I’d love to do some more of that, Would anyone be interested! Comment here or on FB or take the poll below =)


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Would you be interested in seeing more content?
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No–keep to what you were doing!

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