Mindset is… EVERYTHING.




It’s me again, your average consistent inconsistent blogger.

I know I have talked about this topic before but I cannot stress enough that mindset is everything!  I have been in a rut this year, struggling to get the weight off I put back on, and I know why. It wasn’t due to lack of meal prepping (guilty), inconsistent workouts (check) and too many Sunday Funday’s (opps) . While those things haven’t help my cause, I can pinpoint my lack of success directly to my mindset.

“But I’ve lost weight before”, I kept telling myself. Then why can’t I do it now? I’ve spent so much time agonizing over eating low carb or no carb, dairy or no dairy, keto, full fat, low fat, counting calories or macros, paleo, Mediterranean., you get the idea. At times it can be so overwhelming and anxiety producing just for me trying to decide what to eat. I get angry at people who cant eat whatever they want without fear of consequence, guilt, or binging.

When I looked back to the moments I was successful, I realized it wasn’t the diet plan or the amount of carbs that got me there. It wasn’t weeks without pasta or cheese. It was willpower, determination, confidence, patience, constancy, and faith…all things you cannot find on a set of nutrition facts.

I always joke how I miss the 2015 Amanda–she was in shape, determined, and probably consuming way too much pre-workout. But as crazy as she was (at least one 5K every weekend and two a days) .. Her mind was in the right place.

This year has been emotional for me. I’ve been in a mental struggle and sometimes anxiety and depression have gotten the best of me. But I am here to take back control of my life and stop being a passenger.

Sometimes you need to let go of what has been weighing you down on the inside, before you can shed weight on the outside. I am not giving up yet. I am finally getting back into the right mindset and doing my best to get back into the groove.

Obtaining a clear mindset can be achieved through  self-care. It means putting yourself first, and making sure your priorities are straight. It means making goals and taking action to make your goals. It means caring less about what other people think about you and only caring what you think. It means living with no regrets and not apologizing to anyone for who you are. It means getting rid of toxic behaviors (including people) and surrounding yourself with positivity vibes only. It means less complaining and more doing something about changing. It means stop comparing yourself to others, and not worrying about being “behind”. It is accepting you are right where you are supposed to be and having faith that if things aren’t so great right now, that its not forever and life always works itself out.

I am learning to not worry about falling in love, but to try and fall in love with myself. Everyday I need to work at it, but it is getting easier and easier. I still have moments of weakness and self doubt-but giving up and giving into them is not an option. Every time I fall down I will get back up, and every time I fail I want to try 10x harder.

There is still about 4 months left of 2018 and I am ready to give it my all, day by day, one step at a time. Whos with me!?

As always thanks for reading !


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