Crash Dieting….Tonsils edition.

This blog post is coming at you at 3 am (Well that is when I wrote it..)



If anyone is looking for a crash diet to get those last 10 pounds off — I have the perfect solution for you .

Just get your tonsils out . You won’t be able to eat anything .. seriously .


I myself was struggling a bit with putting the fork down until God intervened. As you may know, I recently had my tonsils out.

People love to talk you up when you’re naturally feeling nervous before this surgery . They’ll say things like:

“But you’ll get to eat all the ice cream in the world after”

Yeah, which actually translates to :“You’re actually  going to die a slow painful death and ice cream is not at all involved”

“You’ll just have a sore throat for a few days then you’ll be fine “

Which actual translates to “you’ll feel like you are swallowing knives for at least 10-14 days after surgery “

For anyone thinking I am being a baby or that these things are inaccurate , I implore you to get your tonsils out yourself so we can compare notes of it “not being that bad “.  I’ll hit you with the “until you walk a mile in my shoes” and “throwing stones at glass houses “metaphors real quick .

Ice cream gets all the credit , but I’d truly like to thank the makers of Jello, Popsicles ,  Ramen noodles, and mashed potatoes for keeping me nourished during these difficult days .

Now that that rant is over , on a serous note this extra time to think (between Netflix binges) has got me pondering  what I want to accomplish this year when I am feeling better.

It’s no secret I’ve been in a bit of a rut even following the new year resolution frenzy . So I’ve been trying to think back the last time I felt good and had a better mindset .

The me I want to be again had goals and felt a sense of accomplishment after achieving them . My biggest things were the Spartan races and getting stronger physically at the gym so I want to head back and focus on those things instead of just weight loss .( Though, weight, please feel free to come off )

That being said I think I want to do something crazy like train for a marathon (even more crazy considering I truly hate running ) or getting my Spartan trifecta under my belt .

After discussing some of these big goals with someone, they challenged me by saying  why pick just one ? Do them all . I didn’t have a good come back so, that’s what I am going to do.

I am going to set some big goals to smash— and smash em . Look out 2018 I’m coming for you .  What are some of your goals for this year ? Share them with me ! I am trying to grab another popsicle and get inspired over here .

As always if you made it this far thanks for reading ! Love y’all

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