A rant on hitting plateaus, losing focus, and lame excuses.




Okay  the point of this blog was to hold myself accountable and to actually follow through with my goals. So it is time for me to fess up. It is easy to write this blog when things are good, and not so easy when I don’t have much good news to report. I dreaded writing this but I need to get my groove back. I set out on a mission in January and for a while I was kicking ass, and taking names. (Pardon my French.) It wasn’t easy but I was consistent, motivated, and my mind was in the right place.

My birthday came and I was at my goal for my birthday, which was my best present to myself thus far. My next goal was only 30 pounds away! I thought it would be cake, considering I had already lost 70 pounds. Then summer came. I started to veer off the path a little, allowing myself to cheat way more often, and slowly gaining back bad habits. And suddenly I went from hitting a bump in the road, to a pothole, which landed me in a ditch.

Fortunately, I stayed consistent with my exercise. But I still managed to gain 10 pounds, 10 stupid pounds that I must have forgotten how hard those nasty things are to work off. It just proves to me once again how important nutrition is and how you cant out exercise a bad diet.

I don’t regret the fun I had this summer, but I regret a lot of choices I made. Now that September is here I am ready to get back on track. Of all the obstacles I’ve faced on this journey, my still number one enemy is my own mind. But once its in the right place I know I can accomplish anything. So for the next two months instead of partying or eating things I am not supposed to on the weekends, I have strategically signed myself up for almost every 5k around. (Okay, this may be an exaggeration but I feel I am signed up for quite a few.)And to kick things off, I have a Spartan super to run on Sunday. I wanted badly to have the trifecta this year, but I am just not ready this year. 2016 will be my Spartan year. I pray.

Also, I have signed up for the next Edge Challenge which begins Monday. Nothing gets me going more than a good challenge, so I am hoping armed with my new goals, and a new eating plan I will start seeing results again.

Old me would have quit when things got hard. Old me would have given up or blamed other things or people. But I am no longer that person. I am all out of excuses. I am taking full responsibility for this one and going to make it my mission to not let myself fail this time just because I’ve gotten off track.  As in all things in life, It does not do well to dwell on mistakes of the past. But, it very important to learn from them and to use them to make better choices in the future.

There are still 4 months left in 2015, and I’m ready to make them count.


One thought on “A rant on hitting plateaus, losing focus, and lame excuses.

  1. At the risk of sounding cliche – you are certainly not alone in this one. The feeling of hitting a brick wall and regressing is natural with a significant weight loss. We’ve seen people go through it, and I have been there myself. I still get there sometimes.

    The good news is the only way to get unstuck is to do exactly what you’re doing – refocus, stop looking in the rearview mirror, and work hard.

    (and while it may add little relief, you’re still kicking ass and taking names; we all still think you’re doing great; and you still look awesome. you had some fun this summer. so what? you earned a summer of fun. you only live once my friend. continue to live it well.)

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