June Goals


Woah there, where did May go?! I can’t believe its June already! Back in January I set out on a mission to lose the extra weight that had been holding me down, and its June and I’m still going ! It still amazes me how long I’ve stayed consistent this time. 45 pounds lost, and to hopefully never be found again. Now accountability time, I have been slacking the past 4 weeks, partly because I was injured from my car accident which slowed my workout groove down.

I can either get discouraged by my bump in the road, and dwell on lost time and progress, or I can choose to focus on the positives. I’m going to gravitate towards the light on this one and re-focus my perspective. On the positive side, I am okay, and almost fully recovered. I also didn’t let my limited exercise give me an excuse to slack completely on nutrition, and by doing so I am happy that I did not gain any weight. In the past, I may have used slip this as an excuse to give up sit on the couch with some pizza, and throw myself a pity party. Thankfully,  I fought all those urges and and old habits that tried to creep up on me.

Now that I’m back to myself, and mobile again, (hooray!) I am ready to kick it back into gear for my weight-loss journey. So being the first of the month, perfect time to make a list of June goals to keep me motivated and accountable this month. Since June is the 6th Month, I am going to choose 6 goals.

1. Drink Water ( this is always on my list. I’ve been doing pretty good about drinking at least a gallon of water a day, it is still a chore but I need to stay on top of it.

2. Increase my running pace. I’m aiming for 9 minute miles.

3. Lose 6 pounds. 6 Is a weird number but I feel like its not too small of a goal, and not to high.(6 again, I know)

4. Practice pull ups at least 2x a week outside of crossfit. Only way I’m going to do things I can’t do is by practicing.

5. Meal prep! need to stay consistent.

6. Supplements. I always start off good and then forget to take them. Going to try and take all my supplements all 30 days this month!

Well,  wish me luck, hopefully June is my comeback month!

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