well, uh, hello July.

June was a wicked fast month, am I right? Reflecting back on my June goals I’ll be pretty honest, I did not stick with most of them. This blog is to hold myself accountable, so I guess its time to fess up. I did not lose 6 pounds, I didn’t run as much as I should have, and I definitely slacked on meal prep and supplements.  With combination of vacation, the end of 6 month gym challenge, temptations at work, and family parties, I kinda went a little wild. Now at least I didn’t stop working out completely and eat Mcdonalds’ every day,  so there’s that.

And while it’s honest hour, I have to admit I’m not mad about it. I’m on this journey for me, and nobody else.  So if I want to indulge a little on vacation or on holidays, I’m going to.  My new outlook is so different and enlightening. In my past weight loss efforts, I would restrict myself so much because I’d feel like “Oh, I can’t do that, or I can’t have that.” I’d make myself miserable, and envious of others partaking in things I felt I was “missing out on”. Then my hangriness, (angry-ness due to being hungry) and jealousy (yes, getting jealousy over watching people eat  food you want to eat but can’t have or you will gain 5 pounds is a thing) would lead me to feeling depressed then I’d end up binging on it instead of giving in to one small indulgence.. One bad meal would send me spiraling. Now this happens less and less.  I’ve finally been able to find some balance . . I wouldn’t say I am completely cured from this ongoing battle with food, but I’d like to think I finally got the upper hand.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t pleased about my results this month, but its not the end of the world and there is no point in beating myself up about it. I know I can stick back to my healthy regime and get rid of those pesky few pounds that crept back on. I know I can do it this time, because I’ve done it before. I’ve already proved myself wrong, and just believing you can do something, let me tell you,  is a crazy, wonderful feeling.

This set back  made me realize the truth of how important nutrition and diet are to weight loss. You can exercise 2 hours a day, but if you don’t fuel your body right, you won’t yield results. You really can’t  out-exercise a bad diet, and there is no magic pill that makes you skinny. People always ask me what I did to lose weight. When I tell them I just eat healthy, and workout, most of them look disappointed. They seem to want more, but there is no secret or magic to it. It requires constant dedication, consistancy, and determination. You put the work in, eat the right foods, and you will get results. Something that sounds so incredibly simple, but anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight before can tell you, it’s anything but easy.

So I am not where I wanted to be, but I won’t let this bump keep me from achieving my goals or slipping  back into my old bad habits. I’ve already come so far, and I am never going back.  This is a commitment to a lifestyle change, not a diet after all. So after falling, just going to shake it off, and keep on going.I may have  been moving a snails pace compared to a lion’s, but I am going forward not backward.  I don’t mind taking my time to where I want to be.  However, I do want to make my goal by the end of the year so I by no means am going to be slacking.

As for July goals, I am going to try and just redeem June.  Follow my Instagram– foreverlastingymclass and yell at me if I’m not staying on track. Also if you are reading this.. THANK YOU =)

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