Challenges come at us in all types of ways.  Everybody has obstacles. But what matters most is how you react. We all get knocked down sometimes, but the first step is always getting right back up!


My last blog post I talked about taking a break from “gym challenges”. Buttt, after the Biggest Loser Finale, the talk of the next edge challenge was too tempting for me not to join. I really benefited from the accountability, support, and inspiration from the last challenge. And hey, I lost 30.8 pounds! I didn’t want to set myself backwards, so I decided to join the next Edge challenge. And with good reason, during the two day “cheat” binge after the finale, I gained 5 pounds! I  mean it was my birthday weekend, and coming off from 90 day challenge, but still 5 pounds in two days is pretty impressive. (It must have been the beer, Mexican food, ice cream cake,  Mcdonalds, my entire body weight in pizza, pasta, ect but I can’t be too sure 😉 ) I did not feel good Monday morning, that’s for sure. My workout was terrible and I just did not feel good overall. Not wanting to continue down this slippery slope, I was ready to take on the next challenge. It’s only 8 weeks this time so have to really get in gear and stay strong. We had to announce our goals in the weigh in, again for the accountability factor, so I will share mine. My goal for for the next 8 weeks is 15 pounds. I know I am aiming high, but you never underestimate yourself.

I was really pumped to begin. I got all my food ready, my workout in, and my supplements. And then on the first day of the challenge,  I faced my first pretty big obstacle. I got in a car accident on my way to work. Thankfully everyone was okay, but my car ended up being totaled. I spent the day in the ER, and have some minor injuries. I’m thankful to be okay, and that it wasn’t much worse.

While I was starving all day at the hospital, I spent probably more time than I should have  thinking about my lunch that I had brought to work (grilled chicken and Brussels sprouts) that was still in the car, or potentially on the side of the highway. My first instinct, fueled by hunger and self pity, was telling myself that as soon as I was out of here I am going to just go get Mcdonalds or something bad for dinner. (I mean, I earned it right?). After being thankful that I was alive and no one was seriously hurt, my second emotion was anger.  I was mad at myself, mad about the accident, and mad at about the timing. I had just had a great workout in the morning and was so pumped about improving my strength and crushing my workouts, and now with these new injuries, I knew my workouts would have to be put on hold, and modified for a bit.

In the past, I would have used this accident as an excuse to eat whatever I want, and do as little physical activity as possible.But this time it was different. I overcame my demons. My first question before I was discharged was, “when can I workout again?” I couldn’t believe I was disappointed that I needed to rest until I was feeling better, and was getting anxiety about missing workouts. Who is this person?

I also didn’t go home and wallow in my sorrows, with ice cream or french fries, like the devil on my shoulder was pining for, but instead I had a healthy meal and stayed on track with my food plan. I went for a little walk, and kept with my water intake. It wasn’t easy, but for this journey you need to have tunnel vision and not let anything get in your way. Even when you get knocked down, or are thrown a curve ball, these are the times you really see what you are made of.  And even if you slip up, you can always choose to make the next choice you make a better one.

One thought on “Challenges

  1. you can do 15 lbs. the first 10 will seem easy enough. The last five will take the eye of the tiger.

    You WILL do this.

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