Failure to plan is planning to fail…

My biggest issue lately has been failing to plan… my meals. Therefore, I am going hungry which is not a good thing. Because nothing good comes from being haaangry. I don’t prepare for the day or week, then when I’m hungry I don’t have anything I am “allowing’ myself or choosing to eat so I choose not to eat until I can buy or make something I want.. Now, before you go and thinking I’m starving myself, trust me I’m not.I love food way too much to every get to a point where I feel really starving, and I’m thankful I am blessed enough to never be in that situation. But regardless, i haven’t been making the best choices.


There are some solutions. I’ve tried ordering food for a week from a Paleo delivery place. Let me tell you, nothing against Paleo because I do enjoy the food offered, but  I wasted a whole bunch of money and food that week because I couldn’t stomach it. Let’s just say it looked and sounded better on my computer screen than it tasted. I also see so many people on Instagram and other forms of social media “meal prepping” where they spend a whole day, usually a Sunday or Monday where they cook up their chicken and veggies, measure it, and put it in their Tupperware and they are set till Friday. Now, this is pretty key, and pretty brilliant. But its not something that excites me in any way, shape, or form. First of all, you have to set aside the time and money, which isn’t the hard part. The hard part that really makes me nervous is the thought of eating the same thing every day alll week. I know it works for many people but this is just not something I think is sustainable for me. I’m on a lifestyle journey here, so I’m trying to figure out something that works for me.

But I need to do something or start somewhere. Eating out all the time is too hard to remain compliant and too easy to be tempted or over do it calories wise so I’m going to just try and do it my own variation of meal prep. So I’m going to start with picking a day to go grocery shopping once a week and making lists of things to keep on hand so I’m always ready. Or by making a list of the week and try and figure out what I am going to make or eat on each day, and by looking up recipes ahead of time. I love t make lists so hopefully I can stick with it. Small steps, right?

Anyone who has other ideas or tricks, please feel free to share!

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