When the scale just wont moveeeee: KEEP GOING.


I’ve been having such issues with that damn box lately. My diet has been on point, my exercise game has been stepped up, and I’ve been drinking my gallon of water a day. I even overcame my weekend temptations even though this past weekend was a very difficult one! But alas, the scale just won’t go down. I mean, it’s not going up either which I guess is a victory in itself.

I know many people can share my frustrations. It is very discouraging to put in so much time, effort, and exert so much willpower and then not see results on the scale. Its easy to lose hope or to “give up.” I know this has been my mentality and excuse in the past. “It’s just not working,” and then I’d go a-wol. But I’ve learned through this process that there are many other things to look at besides the number on a scale to gauge process.

Ask yourself these questions..Do you feel more energy?, are  you happier ?, do your clothes fit a little looser ?, are you down a size?, are your workouts are easier?, do you feel stronger?(ect), these are all victories! Even if the number doesn’t reflect your hard work, these things are all signs pointing in the right direction. This is a big flashing billboard saying “KEEP GOING” you are doing something right! Results will follow; it’s a marathon not a sprint.  If you are answering no to these questions, don’t worry just re-asses what you are doing and make changes. You will find what works for you! This is a big game of trial and error and everybody is different and has their own formulas for success. The trick is finding yours.

Another thing that’s helpful: progress pics. Who doesn’t love to see results in photos right? Sometimes I don’t think I’ve made any progress than I look back to photos of me from months, even years ago. Woof! Take pictures of yourself weekly, even if they are just for yourself, and trust me you will see the gradual progress, and that my friends is a wonderful feeling! Scale may read one way, but a picture is worth 1,000 words, for better or for worse. Don’t lose faith, and remember you’ve come a long way. And if you haven’t yet, you will!

I’m not saying its all rainbows and butterflies because some days I really just want to take a hammer to that thing, but the key is to stay positive and enjoy the journey! Even if you are not at your goal destination just stop and reflect on how far you’ve come. The little things all add it. And remember it is just a stupid number! It doesn’t mean anything. If you look and feel better, who really cares about a number.

It took me 23 years to create a body I hate, so I need to remember it may take more than a few months or weeks to transform it to a body I love. So any of y’all struggling out there, there is a light at the end of this long, treacherous tunnel. I do have lose these pounds though, I’m in it to win it for this Dietbet and Biggest Loser Challenge. Money is a beautiful incentive! I have a few weeks left to get in gear and knock of these 5 pesky pounds.(for the Dietbet, 11 more for the Biggest Loser to reach my goal) I’ve kind of been teetering along these past few weeks but it’s time to sprint to the finish line! Wish me luck….

One thought on “When the scale just wont moveeeee: KEEP GOING.

  1. Great post and an important one! It’s all about the way you feel. Think about how great you feel after you crush a workout you doubted you can do!! Think about all you have learned and how you are developing into a masterful chef ! You are in it to win it yes, but don’t forgot you are also in it for life!

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