March Motivation

So the day was pretty much over by the time I realized it was March 1st. Maybe it was the 5 inches of snow in what feels like the longest winter ever (I probably say this every winter) or maybe it’s because I just don’t pay attention to things.(You can decide, but i’m going with the snowstorm.) I noticed something though tonight, so I do pay attention sometimes. Typically, I get the “Sunday night blues” because Sunday is my least favorite night of the week and I get the Monday dread. The anxiety for the coming week and the sadness that the weekend is over usually is enough to put a damper on my evening. But this Sunday, I felt something different. I wasn’t dreading this week but instead ready to kick this week’s….butt. Annd its snowing. The old me would see this snowstorm as an excuse or a get out jail free card from my work out in the morning. But tonight I find myself feeling anxious for the opposite reason,  that I will miss it. “Should I set my alarm earlier so I can shovel it out..?” “Ehh, maybe I should  just skip…no wait it’s front squats..I have to go.” Wait what?? Who am I? Where are these thoughts coming from?Totally a new speed for me but I think its best to just roll with it and not question it.


Which lead me to my next new Sunday night ritual. Setting goals for the week. While on Instagram today I saw lots of posts about “March Goals” and thought it was a cool idea. Love finding new ways to hold myself accountable so I decided to make my own list and share it…so maybe that will help? Well, here goes mine–

1. Run a 5k once a week. I’ve been really negligent about running even though I’ve signed up for all these races already this year and would like to finish a little faster than a snail’s pace. So I am going to try and run at least one day every week.

2. Chug Chug Chug. Water (unfortunately). I want to drink a gallon of water everyday this month. I have had some good results from this before but have a hard time staying consistent so I want to see what happens if  I do for an entire month.

3.No drinking. I’ve been lax on this during my biggest loser challenge but I need to stick with it and hold out until this competition is over. I have one built in exception though, my best friends birthday which just so happens to fall on St. Patricks Day 😉 (I know this is cheating and I didn’t even start yet but the point of this blog is to be completely honest right?)I chose March because its a month before my birthday..see what I did there.

4.Lower carbs… (this one hurts me as I write it).  My trainer yelled at me for eating so many carbs when I showed him my food logs. (Strictly because of the competition….)This is going to be the hardest one but if I’ve done Paleo for 3 months I can certainly do this.Thank god for cheese.

5. Put effort into my Crossfit goals. I will have been doing Crossfit for almost two years now and there are some things that I “wish” i could do, ie: double unders, hand stand pushups, pull ups.. but hardly ever attempt or try. Well wishing I could do it is never going to get me there so I’ve faced the facts..I actually need to practice. I may never be able to do some or all things in Crosffit but I will never get there if I don’t try. I think I am going to start with double unders.

Okay so I only have 5 but I would say these are 5 mighty large goals, and not going to be easy but I am going to try try try. It’s all anybody can do right? Now if only this snow would go away. I wish there was a counter dance I could do that would deflect the snow dance that people must be still doing for no school tommorow. I got things to do, places to see, and goals to be conquered. This girl aint got no time for snow anymore.

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