If you don’t hashtag did it even happen?


It’s no secret that I’ve been trying to lose weight, (Hence this blog) but for me the biggest thing is accountability. If I open up about my journey and announce to the world my plans…..well hey now I have to do it right? I found when I have more people to be “accountable to” I tend to do better.. Not saying that I am doing this for any other person besides myself because I am doingit for me, but it does help when you put yourself out there.

So in addition to this blog, the Biggest loser challenge at the edge, the Spartan races I have signed up for, I also have an Instagram account. I have found myself on Instagram being inspired by so many people who have been successful with their own weightless journeys. All you have to do is search “weight loss” hashtags and prepare to be amazed. When I was feeling down or having an off day I would go to these pages and become inspired and hopeful again.  It’s like a secret underground world of supportive people cheering each other on and supporting each other. Feeling a little  bit jealous and left out  I decided that if they can do it, so can, so I joined in. I wanted to document my story too so hopefully I can look back one day at all the progress I made. (dreams right?) I made a separate one because I want it to be different from my day to day personal postings. Also, let’s be honest I didn’t want to be annoying or humiliate myself. There are a lot of haters out there and people quick to judge,  but I’ve decided another thing I need to work on is not caring so much about what other people think, (and some people have found it already anyways) so if you’d like to follow me here it is—–>foreverlastingymclass.


I don’t want to shove my story down anyone’s throats or post constantly to brag. It’s not about bragging its about accountability. So if you want to follow me go ahead, and if you don’t that’s more than fine too! Just keep it positive. Don’t want to have to shake shake shake any haters off. My goal is to get myself healthy and in shape, and to feel comfortable in my own skin. But hey if I inspire a few people a long the way too, that would be awesome!

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