“Trust the Process”


Throughout this weight-loss journey, I have learned this as a valuable lesson… I now am beginning “Trust the process.” When I finally gave up the word diet and starting looking at this as a lifestyle change, I’ve found I’ve been staying more consistent and seeing better results.

In my past weight loss attempts I would be super strict and  restrict myself on all different kinds of foods. I promised myself “when I finish this diet” in x amount of days I am going to have so much pizza (or bread, or ice cream or whatever I gave up). Or during the weekends when I’d decide ..”On Monday I’ll start my diet” , so until Monday comes  I am going to eat as much and as unhealthily as I possibly can” And then I’d wonder why it would backfire, or why I couldn’t produce consistent results.

With this new year and my new frame of mind I have found that this isn’t a diet a I am waiting to finish or feel like I am starving or restricting myself. If I have a “cheat” (even though I hate that phrase) meal because I woke up that morning and really needed pancakes from Chips (which happens more than you would think) instead of wishing I could have it or dreaming about it or promising myself endless pancakes when I lose the (10, 15, 20, 50, 100) pounds that I wanted, I just eat it! I don’t feel guilty and just do it. The differences is, in the past I would say “oh well I already blew it for today” so might as well let it all go and start fresh tomorrow. Instead,  I just make my next choice a better one. Whether its eating a salad for lunch, or getting in a workout after, I don’t throw in the towel of all my hard work because I gave into one craving.

Another thing that would deter me is the “results are coming fast enough” so maybe I should just give up. I would workout everyday, track my food all week, and then hop on the scale at the end of the week and not be down significantly or sometimes even at all. I would feel hopeless and just want to give up.  I expected my body to be where I want it to be after a little bit of effort, when it took 23 years to get this way in the first place. I’ve definitely learned patience and that if the scale isn’t moving but my pants feel a little loser and I feel more energized, than hey ! I’m doing something right.

I’m no where near where I want to be but I feel like I am finally in the right state of mind and feeling happier and healthier, so I’m hoping that if I continue to “trust the process” the results will follow.

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