The first step is…

making smart decisions. Like putting the ice cream down. Or watching your ice cream fall off the plate and on to the floor and make the conscious decision not to scoop any more.

Whatever your first step is in getting back on the right track is, make sure you make it count.  Everyone slips up, and you have to live a little, but never too late to get back with it.


After my haphazard incident with the ice cream I took it as a sign from God to check in with myself and finally hold myself accountable for the excess calories and days of missed workouts. I stepped on the scale and was a little devastated. I had worked my booty off and maintained my weight loss for almost a year, but this holiday season I let myself get out of hand and some weight crept back on. The average person gains 1-5 pounds during the holiday season, and while I’m not ready to admit to the world my number, I will say this– I did not fall within the average person range. Despite the ugly numbers I feel sluggish, less energized, and just not good.

I want to get back to feeling confident, happy, and energized so I’m kicking off my year with back to basics clean eating and working out.Today was my first crossift session in weeks. While it was heart warming to have the whole class cheering me on because I was the last one to finish (hence the name of this blog) it did make me upset that I was back down to the bottom when I had made so much progress. (ie, not always being last ect). It really makes a difference in your performance when you are living a healthy lifestyle.

I have found through my own experiences that I do much better when I have goals. My first goal is lose 30 pounds by my birthday (April 29). My second goal is to finish all 3 Spartan races this year.

I do best when I have people to hold me accountable so feel free to cheer me on, jeer at me, join me, share recipes/tips with me, laugh with me, cry with me, or whatever your heart desires. Or feel free to do nothing.

Stay tuned for my daily victories and struggles.

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