Wake me up when September ends..

  OH crap. It’s already gone. September came and went and it seemed to go by in a blink of the eye. As I sit and drink my pumpkin coffee (Yay fall!) and reflect on my September goals,  I am happy to say I have certainly hit most of them. Drink more water (100 ounces a day) GetContinue reading “Wake me up when September ends..”

Bye, Bye Bready

  It’s not goodbye—it’s see-ya later. Some people have a sweet tooth…but my guilty pleasure is bread, and pasta, and you know those carbs that are “bad” for you (but good for the soul.) Call me crazy, (or Italian) but seriously,I’d rather have an extra roll with dinner than a piece of cake or cookieContinue reading “Bye, Bye Bready”