Bye, Bye Bready



It’s not goodbye—it’s see-ya later.

Some people have a sweet tooth…but my guilty pleasure is bread, and pasta, and you know those carbs that are “bad” for you (but good for the soul.) Call me crazy, (or Italian) but seriously,I’d rather have an extra roll with dinner than a piece of cake or cookie anyday. (Not that I don’t like cake or cookies too.)

I know I know, sounds scary if your a carb-lover like me,  but on Monday I decided to give myself a new challenge…no bread or alcohol for 30 days. I needed to give myself and my body that it boost it needs. Last August-OCT I did the Whole Life Challenge and began my Cross-fit journey( and lost a good amount of weight doing it) On the Whole Life Challenge I had a pretty restricted diet–no bread/grains, no dairy, no sugar, nothing artificial ect). After the challenge I continued Cross-fit but did not keep up with the diet.

I have not gained any weight back, which has been great, but I have not lost anymore either. So with my cousins wedding on September 27, and the Spartan Super on September 6  (Yes, I signed up for the next one, I am so stoked and terrified) I have two really big, impending deadlines and lots of motivation to get in better shape.

I will be following a loose Paleo diet as well, with some exceptions, and keep workout out and let you know my results. In the meantime, get ready for some tears, updates, and recipes if you want to see how/what I am eating!

I don’t believe “giving something up” is a sustainable lifestyle, which is why I chose 30 days, because I believe in moderation or the idea of eating 80/20 (80 percent clean, 20 percent on indulgences) but I am always up for a challenge!

4 days down….

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