What it’s really like waking up for 6 am CrossFit.

People ask me all the time how I wake up ever morning during the week to go to CrossFit–(ok I snooze until at least 5:15.) I respond usually with I’m used to it or it doesn’t brother me. BECAUSE I AM A CHAMPION.(just kidding…) Or I explain I usually lay out my gym clothes before I go to sleep. Or admittedly sometimes I even wear them to bed so I am ready to go. The trick is also making sure you get enough sleep. I have no problem being a grandma and being in bed by 9:30 if it means I get enough sleep.

But no matter what preparations I take,the moment my alarm sounds at exactly 4:50, it is a complete battle get out of bed. I could have slept for 10 hours or 4, but the feelings and thoughts that take over me are the same every time. Something like immediate panic. “Oh no, is it really time to get up? I’m not ready yet. My bed is so comfortable. Seriously, I have never been so comfortable. Maybe I’ll just go after work today. I am a little sore, maybe it should be a rest day. What’s the WOD again? Pull ups? I should probably sit this one out…”

The winter is especially brutal. Freezing temperatures, no sun. I thought for sure when summer came it would be easier. (I was wrong,)

I hit snooze a few times until its around 5:15-520. I know I have to make it out of my house on time by 5:40 to make it to class on time, or else I wouldn’t show up late. That’s when I need to make a decision. At this point, 9/10 times I can convince myself to get up. “You can do it, you’ll have plenty of time to sleep later, you can take a nap after work, you’ll have the whole day” Sometimes it’s even “the workout sounds fun” “I can’t miss this one” It’s prowler pushes! (Yup, I’m one of the few that enjoy these) “I need to get it over with.” And yes sometimes it comes down to me making myself false promises of future sleep just to get up. (I hope this is normal..)

Most of the time I am on time with plenty of time to roll out with a foam roller (or pretend to roll out while I am still sleeping) but sometimes I just make it. For example last week I was so late I pulled into my spot too quickly and ran over a cone. (Which nobody will let me live down yet) Pictured below.

Despite the morning struggle, once I arrive I can honestly say I have never once regretted going to a 6 am class (or any crossfit class for that matter), and always feel better after a workout. I have more energy during the day and it is always a good time. I love the people and coaches and wouldn’t change it.

It’s just some mornings are harder than others.


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