What it’s really like waking up for 6 am CrossFit.

People ask me all the time how I wake up ever morning during the week to go to CrossFit–(ok I snooze until at least 5:15.) I respond usually with I’m used to it or it doesn’t brother me. BECAUSE I AM A CHAMPION.(just kidding…) Or I explain I usually lay out my gym clothes beforeContinue reading “What it’s really like waking up for 6 am CrossFit.”

Spartan Update

Mission: complete. This weekend  I competed and survived my first Spartan Race. I did the Spartan Sprint at Mohegan Sun with some members from my CF box and together we worked as a team to take on the challenge. It was 4 and a half miles of strategically designed torture, but surprisingly I had aContinue reading “Spartan Update”

Countdown to Spartan

  So, in exactly 3 days I will be competing in my first Spartan Race. (A Spartan Sprint).  For those unsure what a Spartan sprint it s it a 5+ mile long race wit 15+ obstacles.Or check out this video. (Yeah, what am I getting myself into right?)While I’ve been doing Crossfit for almost a year,Continue reading “Countdown to Spartan”

Yesteday I met fran..

    So yesterday was a big Crossfit milestone for me. I completed my first ever Fran (scaled). Now if you’re not a Crossfiter, than you probably are wondering what that means and why it’s significant. When I first joined Crossfit, not only did I learn new movements and exercises, I also learned a wholeContinue reading “Yesteday I met fran..”