Countdown to Spartan



So, in exactly 3 days I will be competing in my first Spartan Race. (A Spartan Sprint).  For those unsure what a Spartan sprint it s it a 5+ mile long race wit 15+ obstacles.Or check out this video. (Yeah, what am I getting myself into right?)While I’ve been doing Crossfit for almost a year, (My year anniversary will be in August) I have a bit of confession to make. I have not put forth my best effort in training for this particular race. This is due to my completely rash and last minute decision to do it.

I have never been a runner. I’ve always hated it.  I mean, how many overweight kids do you know that particularly enjoy running? However, I’ve grown up in household of runners. My dad is a lifelong runner, and has ran in countless races and marathons over his lifetime. He religiously ran everyday for as long as I could remember, no matter what, until recently when he had to stop due to the terrible conditions in his knees (which are completely worn down from running). My brother is a runner, as well as my sister who has completed a half marathon, while pregnant. (Now that’s impressive, am I right?) Correction: full marathon! Even crazier.

I, on the other hand, have always been the oddball. I started training for a 5k race last year when I was inspired my favorite actor and celebrity, Sean Astin. . He has a great cause #Run3rd in which he runs various races for causes. learn more about it here–>. I thought to myself, if  the same man who was Mikey from the Goonies, Rudy Ruettiger, and Samwise Gamgee could run races, so could I. I started by tweeting at him, and to my surprise, he actually answered me! After that I had to do it. I downloaded the couch to 5k app and started training. But due to my college lifestyle, I quickly lost motivation and after a few months I never followed through.

However, after I joined Crossfit with my sister, she re-inspired me. She told me to just sign up for a 5k and do it with her. I never believed I actually could do it and finish. In November, I completed my first race. It took me nearly 50 long minutes, but I did it. I kept signing up for races and have shaved my race time down by 20 minutes. On Thanksgiving, my dad, my brother, my sister, and I all completed a 5 mile run together which has always been a dream of mine I never thought possible. My brother-in-law is also a runner and loves to do Spartan races. The way he describes crawling under barbed wire, and climbing over walls sounded nothing but terrifying to me.

When my Crossfit gym announced some members were doing it as a team it sounded more appealing. I have a long list of races that I want to try, and Spartan is definitely on it. I talked to some coaches at the gym and asked them if they realistically thought I could do it, and once again I was sold.(They have much more confidence in me than I do most of the time.)

I am not aiming for any records or think I will be the fasted runner over the obstacles, (judging by how frustrated I’ve been at the playground practicing on monkey bars)but I do want to see what I am made of. My goal for this initial race is just to see if I can finish it.  I’ve come this far and am not stopping yet. Cross your fingers, and say a little prayer for me.

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